What Collectibles will Gain Value?

As you all know, I have placed my entire fortune into NASCAR collector plates. I am happy with my decision, but still I wonder what collectables would add the most value over (let’s just say) fifty years.

Something cheap.
But fairly rare.
Something they have or will someday stop making.
Something people will want to buy.
My first thought are:
Subway tokens
Video Game tokens
Video games and their systems (too expensive, really)
Those neat Marijuana tax stamps mention on GD.

Anything else

Almost nothing that a fairly large group of other dudes also think will be 'collectible".

In other words- you can’t plan for this.

Third Floor! Beanie Babies, state quarters, buggy whips. Everybody OUT!

samclem GQ moderator

What DrDeth said. I collect Star Wars collectibles. My limited edition 12" Darth Vader statue from Gentle Giants will only be worth what some guy is prepared to pay for it fifty years from now. I don’t collect to invest. I do it because I have an interest in the stuff I’m collecting.

Rare, original pressings of records from the 1950s and 1960s, and in some cases the 1970s. For example, blues records on the Aladdin label are scarce as hens’ teeth. As for pop records, many of them were issued on tiny, local labels and were later picked up by a bigger label for regional distribution, then as they made an impact, picked up by a major label. The latter pressing of a hit record is worth the least, but some deadly obscure original-label pressings are already going for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

When I am no longer here, my wife is going to be fairly well-off when she sells my record collection.

For reasons that escape me, stuff from companies seems to appreciate. There’s quite a market in old Coke stuff.

Baseball cards and other sports cards have stood the test of time.
I’ve got all 5 Spice Girls dolls stashed away for my retirement

Exactly. Part of what makes collectibles valuable is scarcity, so that it tends to be stuff that no one thought to collect. And the valuations on stuff that’s already collectible tends to vary depending on what’s popular. For example, Impressionist paintings have been popular lately, but who knows what will get the big bucks in fifty years.

Things in their original packaging that are rarely kept in their original packaging. I can’t think of anything current in particular, but the real cream of the crop when it comes to collectibles seems to be things like action figures that were never torn out of their packaging and stuff like that. What’s something modern and consumable (so that it will be remembered as once being popular - to be in demand) that’s often immediately torn from its packaging? Collect that thing in its natural state.