What color is the Sun outside the Earth's atmosphere?

Tittle says it all.

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Like this. The central image is a ‘true colour’ composite taken by the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer.

Pretty damn close to “white” actually.

Take a nice clear day with a blue sky and the sun high in the air. Find a nice isolated puffy white cloud. THAT cloud is what the sun would look like outside of the atmosphere.

What do you mean? If you look at it, it’s white – blinding white. The peak of the solar spectrum is near 500 nm, or a slightly bluish green, but you won’t see that differentiated. The peak of a blackbody at the sun’s temperature is slightly on the yellow-pink side. Compared to standard “daylight” spectra (which we are adapted to see as white), the unfiltered sun spectrum ought to be very slightly yellowish or peach-colored, but most people comparing the two think it looks faintly bluish.

So I’m going with white.