What could be hard about printing a new copy of a paystub?

I haven’t kept my wife’s pay stubs because, for whatever foolish reason, I assumed we could access the information online. And when I found out we couldn’t, and an occasion arose in which we needed the last two paystubs, I apologetically asked her general manager for copies of those stubs, and resolved to keep those and all future paystubs from then on.

He got a deer-in-headlights look, and said he’d do it but it will take a while because they outsource their HR. (To ADP fwimbw.)

Okay, I figured a couple of days of phone tag then two or three more waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Why can’t my wife talk to ADP directly, btw, I ask? Privacy concerns. ( :confused: )

Anyway, two weeks later, and still nothing. He says he’s still working on it.

What the heck could be going on here? What is it that I don’t know about how these things work, that’s making this seem to me like either massive incompetence or something sketchy going on?

You can’t see the records online via the ADP website? Or, more specifically … your wife can’t? That’s unusual.

For in-house, it’s open payroll program. Select employee or pay period. Select pay date or employee. Hit Print (or Reprint). Done.

For ADP, it’s even simpler. It may cost something, though.

Exactly. We are told she can’t speak to them directly, nor is her information available at their website. (At all, or just for her to look at, I’m not sure.) I had actually assumed it would be available online exactly because I saw on her paystubs that ADP was handling it.

I wonder if we just called ADP ourselves using whatever phone number is at their website, if they could help her–and if this would get back to her boss somehow.

Goodness, I hope your wife’s HR is not indicative of how the rest of that company works. :eek:

I’ve been viewing my online for the better part of 15 years. And going back further than that I could view them on the SMS system as long as I was on a computer at work.
And why is HR even talking to you anyway? :dubious: That sounds kind of crazy too.
(Just so we’re clear, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, it just seems like a gross violation for a GM to be talking pay stubs to anyone other than the employee involved.

On that, she told him it was okay. She has a very strong aversion to dealing with things like this.

Perhaps HR is waiting for a couple of pay periods to pass so that she’ll have two new paystubs?

“Things like this” ?!? She’s making a simple, straightforward request for something that even an incompetent HR dept. should be able to handle as a matter of routine. It’s not like she’s asking for something illegal or immoral, or that indicates she’s not doing her job well.


I used to use a smaller regional competitor to ADP. I’ve used ADP too and the competitor was almost exactly the same in my experience.

One time I found myself in exactly the same situation you and your wife are in. I called my payroll processor and asked for a copy and they said they only create/save digital (PDF) if you pay for that service. It was a couple dollars extra per pay period.

I said, ok great, charge me a couple dollars and send them over. My account executive was sympathetic, but said since they didn’t save the PDF when that payroll was run, it was too late. The only way to create the stubs would be to run the entire payroll again through their system, which they wouldn’t do without charging for the cost of an entire payroll. In other words, whatever it costs to do the entire company’s payroll would be the cost to generate the one pay stub. If you needed 2-3, which are usually required, you’d have to pay to have 2-3 entire payrolls reprocessed.

Like I said - this was a competitor to ADP not ADP.

For what purpose do you need your wife’s last two pay stubs?

If it is for a credit application so that the lender can verify her income, you could just put together a letter from the HR director at the company, that states that she is currently employed with XYZ since X-X-XX, and is currently receiving gross pay of $x,xxx per month. They should be able to sign such a letter without any fuss.

We all have our phobias. I can’t stand the phone and will go out of my way to use email and avoid the phone at all costs. And I ask others to enable me to not have to call places. She prefers to hand these responsibilities over to her partner – makes sense.

My first response was that he forgot about making the request from ADP. I also agree with Omar that you might not need the paystubs and might be able to use a letter of proof of employment, depending on the reason for them.