What could Hillary actually accomplish as president that will endear her to progressives

Hillary is going to face a very hostile congress like Obama did. So what can she actually do as president that will endear her to the 15-20% of the US who are progressives?

Is there anything she can actually do, or has said she wants to do (that is realistic)?

What would the Bros consider endearing?

Appoint rational people to the Supreme Court.

That’s not the question, unless you’re reducing the entire progressive strain of American thought to a pejorative, and ignoring progressive women as irrelevant.

I don’t think any Democrat would be able to get anything significant done without both chambers. Maybe without filibuster proof majorities.

…up to and including appointing Supreme Court Justices. Sadly, it’s going to be four/eight more years of blocking everything she tries to do.

The possible saving grace is that Hillary is more of a politician than President Obama. She WILL personally talk to members of Congress, try to make deals, engage with them, get in their faces, and attempt to work around the roadblock. Obama was criticized for his perceived aloofness. She will not be aloof… she has decades more experience in the practicalities of politics than… well, than just about anyone. And that’s not a bad thing. Politics is all about give and take, compromise, and making concessions. On both sides.

It’s no different than what Bill faced after he entered office. In 1994 he lost congress too, IIRC. So Hillary’s has experienced a less than friendly congress. After all, she had an office in the West wing back then, so she was on the front lines. That has little to do with progressive belief’s though. I think she’s poised to continue the gains that Obama has made, committed to equality and fairness, and at least, she’s looking at many of the things Sanders has exposed as faults with the system. I don’t think she has much more to do than to follow her flight plan and she’ll succeed with this group.

Hillary is not a progressive. She is basically still a Goldwater and Eisenhower style Republican.

Hillary is nowhere near the politician Bill was (as she held self admits). He was probably the most gifted politician of his generation, probably since LBJ. Hillary’s actual accomplishments are limited, she was an unremarkable Senator (and she got the biggest decision; the Iraq vote, badly wrong). As Secretary of State, she was mostly black sidelined by Obama’s advisors (her own people complained about that) and her two main initiatives, the Russian reset and Libya were unmitigated disasters.

But she’s going to have him right there with her in the White House. He can certainly suggest to her possible compromise positions, and which members of Congress would be most amenable to them, and strategies for achieving her goals. She might have a disadvantage on the personal relationship side (I guess she won’t be sharing crude remarks about women with anyone on the golf course), but I still think that he could be a big help in getting things done.

I think her biggest progressive achievements will be further healthcare reform and better support for women and children. These are the issues that she knows and has been working on for her entire career.

The difference is that the GOP congress of 1994, after having their party more or less shut out of federal power for 60 years, wanted to be seen as having accomplished things, which gave them a strong incentive to cut deals with Bill.

The GOP Congress of 2010, on the otherhand, just wanted to keep Obama from accomplishing things, which didn’t leave much in the way of common ground. Even when Obama tried to move legislation based on GOP proposals, or do routine things like funding the gov’t or appoint SCOTUS justices, he’s met with obstruction for obstructions sake. Being better at schmoozing with Senators wouldn’t have changed that dynamic.

One imagines Hillary will get something more or less like the 2010 Congress. Especially after the chaos of the Trump campaign, having a common enemy to unite the party against will seem like a pretty good idea for Ryan, McConnell and whomever ends up with Priebus’s job after his inevitable post-Trump resignation.

(on the other hand, you never know. After six years of being in the legislature, working hard to get re-elected as legislators, it isn’t impossible GOP Congress-critters might want to…try legislating. Out of pure boredom, if nothing else).

Serious question: don’t you think even Republican voters (the normal ones, not the Trumpistas) are fed up with a do-nothing Congress?

If Hillary gets elected to a second term, that would be SIXTEEN YEARS of obstructionism. By then 3-4 more Supreme Court Justices could have gone to that Big Bench in the Sky.

Beating Trump would be a good start. I would be pretty grateful for that.

But as far as true, progressives, she doesn’t seem to be very distinguishable from any other New Democrat (Centrist) on any issue other than women’s rights. So I suspect anything she does will be along those lines, that is the only area where I see her sticking her neck out. She sure as hell isn’t going to fix the environment or rein in corporate abuse or empower unions unless the political will is already there to do it with or without her. So she will jump on progressive bandwagons but the only ones I see her building and pulling are on issues related to abortion, equal pay, domestic violence, etc.

No, it *is *the question. It comes from a faction that does not consider itself sucked up to enough, but has been quite vague about what would placate them. The question isn’t what the majority is willing to do to support their feeling of being special snowflakes. The question *is *what it would take for them to cut the shit.

Those are two very different things. Goldwater was a neo-isolationist, and no responsible person today is one. The Eisenhower approach to economics that the first Clinton administration used resulted in record growth, budget surpluses, and warnings of “irrational exuberance”. I’d like some more of that, please.

FTR, no, she’s not as good a politician as Bill as a *campaigner *- nobody has ever been better - but she’s a policy wonk on the level of few others. We’re electing a President.

I think there were pretty strong signs last year that this was happening. Congress passed a bunch of bi-partisan legislation (NCLB reform, funding bills, an infrastructure bill, etc.) And there seemed to be an increased tendency in the House of relatively moderage GOP Congressmen willing to be quoted telling their more extreme members to get bent. So the optimist in me thinks that will continue.

But part of that was probably due to Obama’s re-election and mid-terms being off the table. And again, I think the immediate post-Trump party is going to want a common enemy they can beat up on, to try and heal over the various factional differences that have emerged. So I’m not holding my breath.

(though I do think they’ll fill the open SCOTUS seat, the optics of leaving it hanging for four years are just too bad.)

They don’t see it as a do-nothing congress. They see it as saving the world from the evil liberals.

I’ve made this prediction before: I think Clinton might work on enacting a public healthcare system.

First, she worked on healthcare when she was First Lady and had a significant public failure. She might be seeking to overturn that failure.

Second, while she won’t say it out loud, Clinton must feel a sense of rivalry with Obama and Sanders. She’d like to deliver a major progressive program and show she was able to get it done when they couldn’t. (With maybe an element of being able to get it done when her husband hadn’t as President.)

She could sign a minimum wage increase; college debt relief; public university free or reduced tuition; a public health care option (or single payer); wall street reform (like Glass-Steagall perhaps); avoid more foreign wars; nominate a progressive SCOTUS justice; and a lot more.

Which Congress is going to send such bills to her to sign?

I think what the OP is getting at, is what things can she get thru Congress, not what bill will she sign if it happens to end up on her desk by some magical process.