What could you bring to a potluck without a trip to the store?

Let’s say your spouse/partner forgot to mention to you that s/he accepted an invitation for the both of you, tomorrow night. After you’ve called your beloved a great big butthead, and pouted for a few minutes, and sworn that there’s no way you have time/energy/money/motivation to go shopping for ingredients, could you prep a dish (let’s say in under an hour of active cooking/prep time, just because that would be my tipping point of “oh hell, just go to the stupid grocery store or deli,”) that you wouldn’t be ashamed to take? What dish would you prepare?

Looking at my pantry, I’d probably fix a Tex-Mex dip of some sort, because I have about 8 different jars of salsa, a big hunk of Velveeta (don’t scoff - that’s some handy stuff to keep around!) and a variety of beans, plus green onions and plenty of spices and herbs, and a couple of packs of tortillas in the freezer to create chips. Or maybe cupcakes or fresh bread, if I can stand to turn on the oven in this heat - I always have baking ingredients, and there’s butter and cream cheese and such to create icing. Maybe a fruit tray, since I bought a watermelon and a cantaloupe yesterday. Decisions, decisions…

Do you have a good option? A sort of okay option? Will it be something with cheap ramen and that sad lime hiding in the crisper drawer? (Been there!)

I have all the ingredients to make chili. I could do it in the Crock Pot. I could totally do any one of a number of sweets for dessert. I always have lots of baking ingredients.

Wouldn’t that make it take considerably longer than an hour, then? Unless you wanted to be the sap that brought even one more crudite! :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see…
[li]I could make some muffin-sized cheesecakes with almond flour crust.[/li][li]Whipped cream, or better yet, chocolate mousse.[/li][li]Coffee panna cotta[/li][li]Cream cheese filled bacon wraps (already made!)[/li][/ul]

Holy cow, I’m leaving for a three week trip tomorrow, and all of the ingredients are in the fridge. The cream is UHT, but everything else is likely to get moldy. If I didn’t live in China, I’d invite y’all over tonight for what apparently would be a dessert party.

I would go to that party, if I didn’t live in Georgia!

My personal math on going to the grocery store includes things like “do I want to put on real clothes and shoes?” (because I flatly refuse to leave home in sweats or yoga pants or pajamas or without proper undergarments!) And “am I really up to facing people?” Especially if I’m gonna have to go schmooze with people at a party later. Even if the actual trip to the grocery store is only 20 minutes, total, it’s an hour of my life to find two shoes that match, and change into “real” clothes, and load up the little kids or do the whole “kiss and a hug” routine, “Mommy will be right back, no I’m not bringing you ice cream, yes, maybe some apples,” and so forth. I think one hour of actual working time is a realistic dividing line, for me. (And bread takes ~ 10 minutes of actual work, for me. Cupcakes are maybe 15. And I could throw together a decent bean dip in 10 minutes, I think.)

Pecan pie (I think I’ve still got enough pecans in the freezer)
Cookies (chocolate chip and/or oatmeal)
chicken quesadillas

Mexican rice dish with chicken was one I did use in the past when caught short handed. It was well liked.

My go-to is creamy rice, savory or sweet. Always have the ingredients on hand: Rice, milk, dried onions and garlic, butter, mushroom soup mix/cream, brown sugar, spices, raisins, prunes, apples, dried apricots.

A potluck? With what I have on hand? Tomorrow? (Grumble, mutter, grumble…butthead!!)

There’s a yellow cake, a lemon cake, and a chocolate cake, all with the appropriate frostings, so cupcakes would be an option.

I have peanut butter M&Ms, so with the chocolate cake, I could make cookies.
As far as actual food…

Macaroni and cheese

Green bean casserole.

Big pot of baked beans.

Red beans and rice with smoked sausage and chicken.

ETA - Oh, I could bake some dinner rolls or bread, make a cherry pie, or I make really great home made mac & cheese.

But ya gotta pick one, I’m not doin’ all of that.

I could bring a big pan of cut-up frozen pizzas (er, cooked of course).

Uhm…that’s it. I’m more in to a “being fed” mode right now than “feeding others.”

Peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookies, or oatmeal cookies.

I think I have enough frozen chicken to throw together a chicken salad or a quickie casserole if necessary. Or I could do mac-n-cheese - my daughter and her friends used to love my homemade version.

Yes, macaroni and cheese, home-made or out of the box. I always have that.

I could make lentil soup - lentils, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, rice, cooked with a ham bone. I could do that right now.

salami and cream cheese roll ups
cream cheese and olive tea sandwiches
deviled eggs
pulled pork
pita chips brushed with olive oil and seasonings
naan and coriander chutney

This is sounding pretty good! Anyone for a potluck tomorrow night? I’ll make the bean dip!

A handful of menus from places that deliver? :wink:

I could also bring pasta salad, marinated tomato and onion salad, cheese and olive bread (but I’d need to use your oven), and chocolate chip ice cream.

Soft taco roll-ups.
Meatballs in a slow cooker. (From cooked, frozen meatballs.)
Sweet and sour chicken balls. (From cooked, frozen chicken balls.)
A few naan bread pizzas with sauce, pepperoni, bacon, red onion and mushrooms.
A salad made with lettuce, celery, red onion, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, hard boiled eggs, carrots, apples and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
A bunch of different pasta and jarred sauce options.
Hamburger helper???

Hmm, I could usually make chocolate chip cookies. I typically have ingredients for cake, but counting the frosting, that’s way more than an hour. Brownies are easy, though, and I usually have stuff for that knocking around.

I often have ingredients for 3-bean soup handy, and that’s quite popular. I can always whip up a pot of lentils. More than an hour of real time, but probably less than half an hour of active cooking/prep time. But that’s less popular. If I have enough canned chickpeas, I could make that Indian chickpea dish – that’s always a hit at parties.

And sometimes I have enough fruit in the house that I could bring a fruit salad.

What I like to bring to pot lucks is chocolate oblivion truffle torte, or a chocolate roll. Both take more than an hour (the torte maybe about an hour of active time) and I don’t usually have all the ingredients lying around, but they are good “show off” dishes.

I always have the ingredients on hand to make:

Macaroni & cheese
Macaroni salad
Potato salad
Deviled eggs
Oatmeal, peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies

I have all the ingredients for my bacon ranch pasta salad right now, because I’\m making it later today. I suppose that’s cheating but… eh.

Big casserole of spaghetti with meat sauce mixed in, covered with grated cheddar, and baked until the cheese melts.