What countries can I use the Motorola Tlkr T8 walkie-talkie in?

According to the manual, it uses frequencies 446.00625 to 446.09375 MHz. These don’t seem to be “open” in all countries. Specifically, can I use them in Australia and China?

Oh and what kind of range will I get with 500 mW of power in the city?

in Australia and China different frequencies are used for personal radio service. using a radio in other frequencies and without a license could lead to a fine and/or confiscation of the radios and/or disruption for you (i don’t know actual details).

city range might be line of sight communications (if you had telescopic eyesight). it is very circumstantial.

Yes, as far as I can tell Australia uses 476-477 MHz. LOS? I wouldn’t need walkie-talkies if I had LOS.

LOS in open country can be many miles. in a city it depends on your elevation relative to who you are talking to. tall buildings can have the effect of your being in a canyon. there is so much that depends on individual circumstance that the only prediction is maybe and maybe not.

Although results can vary widely, a rule of thumb for a similar 70cm handheld ham radio using 5 watts in the burbs is about 5-10 miles range. In a city with large buildings, quite a bit less. Half a watt is going to have terrible range in a city.

Those radios could have 30 mile* range!

*under ideal circumstances…like mountaintop to mountaintop