What country should you live it?

What country should you live it? Warning: Some of the questions have really horrible choices.

Mine turned out to be MONACO!!! I’ve been there, and I couldn’t afford the cheapest place to live. Well, perhaps if I marry a prince. It’s been done before, you know.

Burkina Faso

Oh, live in!

French Polynesia, apparently.

Monaco is on my lists of places I wouldn’t want to live even if I had the money. But Monaco it is, apparently.

Who answers they want to live to 50? Does that automatically put them into Smartassistan? Would you rather die from: Vomiting blood with Ebola? A Victorian-style wasting from tuberculosis? Shit yourself from dysentery?

It’s Monaco for me, too. Hmmmm

French Polynesia, even though I said I could live without being near the sea. (The other two choices weren’t good either.) Panama’s pretty close, although there’s more traffic.

I think that quiz must only be aware of a dozen or so countries. On Facebook, several of my friends got Monaco, my sister and I got Burkina Faso, and three others got Mongolia.

French Polynesia.

Well, I think there’s a reason the television show isn’t called: ‘Who Wants To Be A Poor Fisherman ?’.


Je suis un monégasque! Well, whadda ya know?

I guess I’ll end up at the [del]lower[/del]middle-class casino in Monaco, though.

I think I answered a question or two wrong.

Greenland WTF?

Monaco. No thanks. But the “what would you prefer to be” question was a bit weird - sure, a fisherman and stock farmer are occupations, so that works, but a millionaire is just how wealthy you are. It’s not a career. You could be a millionaire and still fish.

Where is “Lower East Bum-fuck”?



Those are the dumbest questions ever.