What covered part of the face do you think conceals identity more?

Poll to follow.

Mouth/lower face. I recall reading many years ago about studies that apparently showed that to be so.

I don’t know nothin’ bout no studies, but I always identify people by their mouths. Eyes mean nothing to me.

I think the eyes are more unique identifiers.

I mean, if it works for Superman, how can they not be?

The question is, does this apply? You can see his eyes and mouth, but you’d never be able to tell that was Adam West. Never.

I’d have to go with eyes unless the lower face has a distinctive characteristic - beard, mustache, unique lip configuration. Human recognition of eyes seems to be embedded at a low level of brain function and the smallest changes are noticeable - which is why portrait artists need to master eyes or flip burgers.

I’d be curious as to what sort of experiments they’d be doing…

Well yeah, it’s pretty obvious that stuff like this is common for concealing YOUR ENTIRE FACE IN GENERAL.

If we go by what sunglasses cover up, then eyes aren’t that important. If we go by that whole general area above the nose and below the forehead, they’re really important. I’ve never not recognized someone because they were wearing sunglasses. But with those who wear the cosmetics they do for stuff like Star Trek, they look like different people, even though their mouths are the same.

Sunglasses only seem to hide emotions.