What crisis will hit Jan. 21 or 22?

The link:

On October 19, 2008, Colin Powell said on “Meet The Press,”

“There’s going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January which we don’t even know about right now.”

Okay, it’s time. What’s the crisis going to be in the next 48 hours?

well, the Dow is down 350 points, and the S&P is off 5%. not exactly an encouraging start to the term…

I’m pretty sure than Colin Powell never said that. It’s a more likely explanation than Youtube deleting one line from his Meet the Press appearance. It’s like how that blog says bjh.com, even though that’s not his url. Crazy people sure do enjoy the internet, I tell ya.

If our enemies want to test Obama’s mettle they will have at least 4 years to do it. Why would they choose to test it now? Catch him off guard?

No, he did actually say that, but it was clearly a figure of speech (i.e., the future, and soon).

I forgot to pick up an anniversary gift.

The used bubble gum holding back everything will let go.

I suspect a lot of hangovers.

The mutant alligators living in the sewers in New York, having attained almost-human sentience (and converted to Islam), will break forth from their hidden stronghold under Luigi’s on 147th Street and seize control of local government. The coup will go unnoticed for several hours, until the alligator who takes over Mayor Bloomberg’s position eats an intern. In a later interview, Mayor Bloomberg’s personal assistant will claim, “We didn’t notice any difference until we heard the screams.”

Military personnel dispatched to clear out the alligators will thwarted at city limits by armed civilians who prefer the new regime.

We don’t have enough crises already?