What crossovers of tv shows would you like to see?

24 and any Star Trek: It would explain how Jack and company seem to cross LA in unreasonably short times. Just imagine if Jack Bauer was the “military” which boarded Enterprise for this next season.

ST:Voy and Boston Public: Seven of Nine assimilates the school.

The War in Iraq and WWE: Saddam is managing the Iron Sheik; they battle Jesse Ventura and Sgt. Slaughter for control of Baghdad.

Friends and Alien Nation: Ross has a new girlfriend; Phoebe is uncomfortable because the girl is a Newcomer. Chandler makes “slag” jokes, Sikes tries to date Rachel.

Angel and 24. Wesley vs. Jack Bauer. Who’s the bad-assiest?

But I’ve wanted this one for a while: Buffy and Gilmore Girls. Think of the possibilities:

  • Rory’s a potential Slayer! Paris is jealous!
  • Lorelai’s attracted to Giles . . . and Spike! Egghead sexy vibe vs. bad-boy sexy vibe!
  • The dialogue is so rich and thick with pop culture references and fast-talking characters that it all gets sucked into a black hole of glossolalia.

Actually, I’d like to see a Smallville/Buffy X-over. That would be most cool.

I was kind of hoping that Friends, Will & Grace and ER all took place in the universe of Lexx.

That way, when the earth blew up, it would take them with it.

But alas, the next week, they were still on.

And Spike and Lex decide to have hot sex for no apparent reason…mmmmmmmmmmm…

A season 2 episode “How to Make an American Quilt” a non-witch who wasn’t evil not only touched the book, but ripped out a page.

Actually, that was “How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans”

For some time, I envisioned a potential crossover between MASH and Land Of The Lost. Colonel Henry Blake didn’t really die on his way home from the 4077th, but was instead transported through a dimensional rift. Now, with the help of a wisecracking Sleestak he battles dinosaurs instead of Army red tape.


Wiscracking dinosaur? Would that be a Veloci-Trapper?

I’d have loved to see a Homicide/ER crossover. While Bayliss flirted miserably with Susan Lewis (causing John Carter to get jealous and start acting foolish) Kerry Weaver and Mark Greene would clash over the best way to save the lives of Pembleton and Gee who had been in a shoot out.

Meanwhile, Kellerman would get into a fist fight with Doug Ross after realizing that Ross ws the guy who broke Juliana Cox’s heart back in med school, Jerry at the desk would be hitting on Megan Russert and Kay Howard simultaneously and as they passed in a hallway, Peter Benton and Rene Sheperd would stop and look at one another as if to say “Do I know you?” before turning and walking on with a shake of the head.