What current BBC shows will we watch on PBS in coming years?

Sunday nights on my local PBS station are full of the BBC. The line up changes a little bit, though there are a couple of mainstays, like Mrs. Bucket and Captain Peacock.

But, those are old. What is currently playing that will one day make it to our shores?

Please give more details than just the titles. Tell us the premise, whether it’s good, who’s in it, etc…

Thanks in advance!

What I would guess is coming your way, if it hasn’t got there already:

The Smoking Room: very much along the lines of The Office, at times just as funny, although sometimes it feels that it’s trying to be deadpan.

Two Pints of Lager: a rather tedious derivative sitcom, apparently beloved of BBC executives, because it keeps on being made even though nobody watches it.

Catterick: this is one I’ve never watched, but some people enthuse about it (I think you’ll need to already be a Vic & Bob fan to stand any chance)

What Not to Wear: two annoying middle-class women overhall a member of the public’s wardrobe. Popular with the kind of woman who buys magazines containing nothing but photos of celebrities.

And the stuff that’ll probably never make it onto your screens:

Monkey Dust: something of an aquired taste, but I’ve acquired it :wink: Animated ‘comedy’, although often it’s very surreal, or very hard-hitting, to the point of being vicious (with characters such as The Paedofinder General and Elaine from TV’s ‘People on the Toilet’)

Little Britain: a character-based sketch show. Painfully funny at times, trite or silly at others.

I have the feeling that the BBC will price the most successful new shows so high that PBS stations won’t be able to afford them. :frowning:

Doctor Who: the latest installment in the longest running Sci-Fi show of all time. I have been waiting more then ten years for its return. It is basically about a time-traveler, who interferes with what is happening, in an effort to help people, or to stop the meddling of others.

We already get the American version of What Not to Wear and BBC America has aired some of the Little Britain episodes. I watched it when I was in England at Christmas and liked it so much that I bought it to view at home.

I bought The Office some months ago. I’ve been a Whovian since about age 12 (currently 42), so I can’t wait to get that on DVD.

The price issue is probably going to be the main problem for PBS, like Chuck said. :frowning:

What’s maddening for me is the BBC’s website. While giving lots of detail on some shows, its descriptions of the basic premise are often terse and bizaar. And, of course, they won’t say whether it’s actually good or not. So, thanks for the heads up on some things.

Hope you get Hardware - it’s genius.

I wonder if any of your stations would buy into Channel 4 programmes? In case they do, these are ones to look for:

Shameless - balances on the cusp of being comedy, but in truth is more of a drama. Also finds a clever combination of sterotypes and of realism.

Phoenix Nights - pure genius. Brilliantly-crafted characters, and a mix of hysterically-funny blink-and-you-miss-it gags (“We could ask Sushi”…“Who?”…“Roy Fish, lives up on the estate”)
One other BBC one that I forget about, but which would certainly appeal to Dopers: QI, a comedy quiz show built around urban-myth ‘facts’, and little-known but real facts. Good clips on that site. Also sometimes features the genius of Rich Hall.