What days should I avoid eating sushi?

I understand that in NY (as well as in other places perhaps) there are certain days of the week on which fresh fish is not delivered to sushi restaurants and, therefore, the sushi may not as fresh as other days. Anyone know which days? Thanks

There are myriad sushi restaurants in NY. People fish every day of the week. They can’t possibly all be on the same schedule. It must vary restaurant by restaurant.


I have had sushi in many restaurants on many diffent days in NYC.

I have never had a problem.

If you think about the number of restaurants, they can’t all be on the same day, or come from the same supplier.

Generally the situation is that the fish market is closed one day a week. I don’t know about New York, but in some cities, definitely. That would be the day to avoid.

I think any day that ends with a “y”.

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Darn, I was gonna say that!

I had heard that the Fulton fish market (the source of pretty much all New York City seafood; the restaurants and their suppliers all get their fish from there) was only open on weekdays, and thus one should only eat sushi Monday-Friday, which is what I do. A cursory Google search doesn’t give hours of the market, but never mentions it being open on Saturday or Sunday (I can find price listings for recent weekdays pretty easily),

I also heard Monday was a good day to eat fish!

There is a flaw in your logic. You are assuming that the fish that is served is always the fish that was bought that morning and the fish served on the weekends was purchased on the Friday.

Ergo… If fish bought on a Friday are served on a Sunday then they must have at least a 3 day “fridge life”. A resturant that buys 10 tuna on a Monday but only uses 8 will still be using that tuna on a Tuesday and then only purchase enough to replenish their “stock”.

I’ve talked with many owners and chefs and they always say the same thing. Every morning they go down to the fish market to get fish for the day. Anything that isn’t freezable gets thrown out at the end of the day if it was not sold.

Going by this, every day is a good day to have sushi.

In talking with some restaurant owners and the guy at the fisk stand at the local supermarket, I’ve learned the following:

The Chicago Fish markets are open Monday - Saturday. Most of the Sushi restaurant get their deliveries straight from the market, and was told that is the reason many sushi restaurants are closed on Sunday (no fresh delivery).

Most of the large chain supermarkets purchase their fish from the market, but take delivery of the fish in their warehouses before sending them out to the individual stores. This generally introduces an extra day into the process. The supermarket guy I talked to also said that the warehouse doesn’t distribute on Saturday, so the fish that is sent to the store on Friday has usually been bought at the market on Thursday. That same supply of fish lasts the weekend and the next shipment of fish is on Tuesday, where they receive the fish bought at Market on Monday. Therefore he advised never to purchase fish on Monday, as that fish is probably at least 4 days old.

I believe the rule is to only eat sushi on days that end in the letter ‘r’.