what demographic is the show "Life with Bonnie" supposed to appeal to?

I just can’t fathom anyone out there enjoying the show. Maybe…middle-aged male lesbians?

I really tried to give the show a chance, but it just drifted all over the place from the start. You never knew from one show to the next whether her husband or kids were going into Chuck Cunningham mode completely.

And then the did a show where someone lied to someone else about having a bigger job on the show than he really had and everyone played along. Sayonara Bonnie, I’ve got belly button lint to clean.

So my guess: People who have never watched any sitcom but would have been big fans of “The Lucy Show.” (Not to be confused with “I Love Lucy.”)

I’ve liked the show, a bit. But then Bonnie is one of my somewhat older women crushes.

And it’s not any stupider than some of the stuff out there. I mean, have you seen “Quintuplets”? Talk about formulaic sitcom chum.

None, since it’s been cancelled. :smiley:

She’s had a number of shows now, all of which seem to have been built around the premise that if everybody talks real fast and moves around a lot, nobody needs to say anything that is actually funny.

There are movies that share this premise. It’s a lot easier than writing jokes.