What did the prisoner of Azkaban film reveal about the then unpublished books?

In this interview, JK Rowling claims that the Prisoner of Azkaban film foreshadowed the (the unpublished) last two novels.

Any idea, what exactly was foreshadowed? Indeed from what I can remember of both the book and the film is that they are the only one in the series that work well as stand alone.

Draco is a bit less “tough” in the movie than in the book. He cries a little after Hermione hits him, which might foreshadow the crying-in-the-bathroom scenes later on.

That’s the only theory I’ve got now, and I had to read the Wikipedia article on the film to come up with it- I haven’t watched the movie in years.

I remember thinking that it was about the Ron and Hermione tension/resolution when the PoA movie came out (ie holding hands and awkward hugging). Then again, they’d been bickering like an old married couple since the beginning of the series that it wasn’t much of a revelation.

One aspect may have been the dialogue between Harry and Lupin (not included in the book) about Lily’s compassion and being able to see things in one that no one else could, foreshadowing the revelations about Lily and Snape.

I remember some DVD commentary saying that they had brought in some of the tension in R & H’s relationship much quicker than in the books.

When I saw the movie and read that article, the first thing I thought of was that Snape pushes Hermione and Harry behind him when Lupin attacks - his instinct was to protect them.

The books were still heavily into the ‘is he good or bad, who can tell?’, but the movie strongly hinted that at his core, he was good.

And also the Ron / Hermione hookup, but to a lesser extent.

Did’nt Snape do that in the book as well?

Well, I’ll just say it.

It isn’t clear and she was probably thinking of things that aren’t all that clear. I mean, nothing huge is there, like a reference to Horcruxes(or the splitting of souls in general) nor the Deathly Hallows, nor Snape’s triple agent role, nor Dubmledore’s past with his family, nor anthing really revealed in the final books.

The answer is that nothing huge was there at all.

In the scene where Harry and Sirius are overcome by the demontors and a dementor is sucking Harry’s soul out, there are two shining wisps curling from Harry’s mouth.

The extra one is the piece of Voldemort’s soul that made Harry Voldemort’s seventh Horcrux.

I wrestled with whether I should make those spoilers, but decided to play it safe.

ETA: By the way, this was not something I noticed on my own; I saw it pointed out in a thread here on the Dope.

In the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, the hippogriff Buckbeak defends Harry and Hermione from Lupin in werewolf form. In the Half-Blood Prince book, Buckbeak defends Harry in a very similar way from Snape.

None of these seem earth shattering. Was JKR merely helping publicity along?

Which thread was that?

Her notion of what movies can do, or what’s important and what’s not, are a bit strange to me. For instance, it’s well-known that she insisted that the house-elf be seen in the Black household (I forget which movie it’s in); it’s a wasted scene that does nothing. But later, of course, we will learn he’shiding a horcruxWell, gosh, there are only about a hundred ways that the later movie could have got around that. Not a big deal. So, I agree with AK84, she thought she’d stir up publicity with all these hints about what’s to come.

So sorry, I wish I could find it, but it seems to be beyond my search-fu skills.

No, Snape was still unconscious in the book and plays no part in the werewolf scene.

Been years since I read the book, but was’nt Snape the one who captured Sirius? Which occured mainly due to the werewolf transformation.

I just flicked through that portion of the book because that’s honestly the first thing I thought of when I read the OP. To me, Ron and Hermione were blindingly obvious once Ginny was properly introduced in book two.

The book describes Snape as almost deranged at the thought of getting revenge on his old tormentors. He was boasting that he would hand Sirius directly to the dementors rather than take him back to the castle. He threatens Harry when Harry insists the prisoners be taken to Dumbledore. Snape gets stunned.

The transformation scene takes place and Sirius shoves Harry out of the way and transforms to fight Lupin. Lupin flees, Harry and Hermione follow Sirius and immediately find him by the lake. The dementors are already attacking Sirius, Hermione goes down, then Harry, staying awake only long enough to see the patronus.

Snape doesn’t wake up until after the dementors have gone. He finds Sirius and the kids out cold by the lake and tells Fudge and Dumbledore that he has no idea why the dementors left before completing their kill.

Thanks. I guess there is another thing that was foreshadowed, Snape went apolectic with rage mainly due to the reason that Sirius was (he thought) the reason that Lily was dead.

While the Azkaban movie was in production, I remember reading something about the director wanting to stick a cemetery near Hagrid’s cabin, and JKR nixing it as it would matter in the future.

The only thing I can think of is because of the tomb at the the end of Half-Blood Prince, but in the text, I don’t think I’ve caught any other explicit references to gravestones on the Hogwarts campus.

Would it even have mattered if it had been placed there?
I really find the whole “JK’s influence” to be overated. The movies bet wrong quite often, they keep Dobby out since Chamber then they cut Ginny’s role a lot. How are they going to deal with it DH?

I mean, seeing the movies (and one non reader commented on this in a thread) you would never imagine Harry as being able to take on the Death Eaters never mind the others. In the Battle in the OOTP novel, Harry defeated Dolohov and Bellatrix he gets his head handed to him in it.