What did you do with the Ex's gifts? Pictures?...

<raises hand>

I had naked pics of my first ex and I posted them to some revenge site. I’d go try to take them down but I have no idea what site it was.

I have a cheap silver ring from that same ex that resides in my jewelry box, next to the cheap black hills gold ring from another ex. I haven’t worn any rings for a long time so I don’t see them and don’t think about them except in moments like this. They aren’t worth anything.

I have one picture remaining of my first ex, which is part of a group photo taken at a couple’s wedding reception. It includes four couples, three of which have broken up. All other pictures of exes were destroyed shortly after the relationship ended. An artist friend took some pictures of my last ex to use for figure sketches and, after we’d broken up offered me a set of the pictures. I couldn’t fathom how she could be so clueless as to think I’d want them, but then she also reports back regularly on what’s going on with my first ex and once told me about running into an ex and how much better he looked than when we’d been together. I don’t talk to this friend any more (for unrelated drama).

I have a teddy bear from an ex that I plan to regift to my best friend, who’s expecting a baby in July.

ETA: It’s been three years since I broke up with my last ex and I have no regrets about not having pictures of them.

I still have my wedding dress, it’s hanging up in it’s bag behind the bedroom door. I should sell it , or give it to a charity shop, but my mother and I chose it together and somehow I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I know I will never wear it again, but it has a strange sentimental value at the moment. Perhaps in the future I’ll wonder what on earth I’m doing hanging on to it and eventually it’ll get recycled somewhere.

The rest? I invited the girls round for wine and nibbles, then we had a ceremonial bonfire in the garden. Two of my other friends were divorced and still had ‘leftovers’ from their marriages so we combined all the stuff and burnt it together. Turned into quite a little party in the end.

Packed all the wedding pictures up and am burying them in a remote corner of the top shelf of my wardrobe. I may regret the marriage now but it’s a piece of my life story and I don’t want to destroy the photographs. Recycled the frames and filled them with pictures of my daughter - the true love of my life.

I only ever got three pieces of jewellery from him. My wedding ring is somewhere at the bottom of my jewel box. The other two pieces are a matching bracelet and watch. I debated just this week about whether wearing them could be construed as living in the past, but decided that I love them too much. I’d think it would be different if they were something he’d chosen for me, but I picked them out for myself - he merely paid for them.

Stuffed toys went to charity. Thinking about selling the couch we bought when we first set up home together and getting something that fits my loungeroom better. Can’t think of anything else that I felt I had to get rid of to move on… oh, I did remove all the MP3s on my computer that he used to listen to. Mostly it was stuff I’ve never been into (Depeche Mode), but I had to get rid of Weird Al too because it reminded me so strongly of the ex, and that took much of the humour out.

Heh. My ex-to-be held an exorcism after I moved out and warned me that anything I left behind would be subject to immolation. Her tongue was half-way in her cheek, but I made sure that the DVDs and CDs were the first things I moved out. :slight_smile:

When my mother died she left me jewelry that appraised for $10,000. The best offer I got from a pawn broker was less than .10 on the dollar.

You might consider giving it to someone who will wear it, and not have any emotional attachment to it.

I was cleaning the closet just lst week and came across an old box of notes/cards/etc from way back that I had forgotten about. Pushed them off to a corner and forgot about them again until just now. The divorce went well and we’re still friends so there so I have no desire to destroy them out of any animosity. I had pretty much come to Chicken Wire?'s conclusion before I got that far. They’ll stay buried somewhere until my children are cleaning up after me when I’m dead or in a home. Then they can decide if they want that bit of history or not.

Cards from ex gfs will be disposed of as they are discovered.

Wedding ring? The best I can come up with right now is that I’ll toss it in the box with the cards for posterity the next time I find it.

Only had breakups after a few months, myself, but I always burn the crops and salt the land, so to speak. I throw/give everything away and cut all contact. (Never had to deal with anything that’s truly valuable, though. I’d probably sell it and pay bills with the money.) It’s cleansing.

I’d likely keep a few of the better pictures as a momento and trash the rest.

When I got rid of one of my ex’es (sp?), I found out a year or two later that I had some stuff that belonged to him (primarily a family photo album) that I thought he would want back. I called and identified myself. As soon as I did that, he said something like “I can’t talk to you” and hung up, so I threw the stuff away guilt free.

i gave the wedding pics to my adult daughter–my mother had kept them the 20 years since the divorce, so i hadn’t seem them in many years. they were funny to look at again.

One I forgot: My daughter’s father had given me a ring, though we weren’t married. I gave it to her as soon as it would fit on her finger. I don’t think she’s particularly attached to it. She wears it now and then.

I’ve always kept my old letters, photos, trinkets,e tc for kind of that reason. They’re just history and sometimes I come across the box they’re in and remember a couple good times. I don’t assume that my kids or grandkids will be interested in them but, if they ever do find value in reading what a college girlfriend thought about me in 1997, then it’ll be quite the little treasure trove for them. But I am who I am because of of my experiences and I never saw much value in trying to expunge the physical record of it.

If I was ever in a horribly abusive relationship or something I might have felt different.

I ummm… let my anger get the best of me when I came across some x-rated photos of the ex in compromises positions w/his toys (which I didnt even know he had!) when I was cleaning his folders in my computer. I was tempted to post them on an adult site with a clever ad to match the pics… but I satisfied my urge by sending them to his email and my ex-friends email (they had an affair), saying something along the line that they should invest in a strap-on (but in a much more creative & sarcastic way). She may or may not have known of his fettishes - I was with him for 7 yrs and had no idea.

I still have a different engagement ring (on another post I mentioned I had found out it was recycled) and havent decided if I should sell it or break it down and have the diamonds reset and given to the kids. Maybe I should see if a jewelry store will take a trade in?

I probably won’t end up pawing it. I actually checked into the jewelry store he bought it at. They are interested in buying it back. I won’t get as much as he paid for it, but it might be better then pawning it…

I have a few things from exes that I haven’t parted with because they don’t have the same sentimental attachment. My ex-husband never really gave me much in the way of jewelry, etc., so it’s not something I had to worry about.

A lot of the sentimental stuff I owned was decided for me when I was kicked out of an apartment [long story, over it]. Best lesson I learned was that things are just . . .things. The memories, good or bad, are what affect me. And no one can evict those out of me but myself.

The marriage had been over for several years before we got divorced. I was moving halfway across the country for a new job so he got most of the furniture except for a few pieces given to me by my mom. I took the wedding album and it’s put away in a cabinet. I won’t destroy it because they’re the last set of pictures of my mom and dad together and since they’re both gone now, those pictures mean a lot to me. I had the diamond from my wedding ring reset into a gorgeous “right-hand” ring.

The odd thing is, I was married to this man for 10 years and I seldom if ever think about him. We didn’t have a horrible relationship (just pretty much loveless) so I don’t block it out because of pain. It’s more like it was so insignificant that I really don’t bother to think about it. Not sure what that says about me. :wink:

I have two kids, so I kept all the wedding pics, just so they could see them. I’m not really sure where they are right now, as I’m not interested in looking at them, but for about a year my son slept with a photo of me in my wedding stuff because “I looked like a princess”. THe wedding dress has become a very exciting piece of dress up for my daughter as has the veil. I have to admit, it gives me sick delight to see both items tattered, torn, and dirty. I kept my rings, because I had chosen them years before I even met the ex. I don’t wear them. I was going to pawn them at first but I wouldn’t get jack for them, and I figure I can unweld them and give them to my daughter when she’s older. The wedding ring does have a small diamond, but they are not traditional wedding rings, so she could wear them. THe cards, letters, etc? I reread them and laughed that I ever bought all the shit he spouted…then tossed them in the trash. Hee…Now I reread them because he’s written all the same stuff to his new wife and I see it when I go to get my kids from him.

I kept my first wedding album because he is the father of my children. I gave it to my daughter about a year ago. The only ring I had was a cheap gold band that I pawned a long time ago with some other jewlery when things got really tight.

I have my second wedding pictures around somewhere. It was nothing fancy. Just a plain album with some wedding pictures. I also still have the wedding rings. I guess I could pawn them but I know I won’t get much.

I do not have anything else. All was lost or pitched along time ago. If I had any I would vote for burning it.

I have an old trunk in the attic with pictures and mementos. I don’t bare any ill-will to my old girlfriends, they are part of who I am. I also have an old high school ring in that trunk and probably a broken bong in that trunk.

Same here. I’ve never done anything drastic like burning stuff. Might have been cathartic, but no. Now that I think about it, I have a bunch of naked pictures of my ex. I guess she really trusts me.