What Did You Dream of Being When You Grew Up?

  • astronaut
  • scientist
  • “inventor”
  • meteorologist
    I was a geek from an early age :slight_smile:

Probably somewhere around the age of 5, I wanted to be a princess, but there’s quite a shortage of princes around here, so I eventually switched to wanting to find a cure for cancer or something huge like that. The Nobel prize will be MINE!!!

Me four on the archaelogist list. I also wanted to be an astronaut and a veterinarian. For now I’m a biochemist, but who knows what I’ll be when I finally grow up?

I wanted to be a ‘dinosaur dude’ (paleontologist) during my first phase. A few years after that I had my eyes set on anything to do with astronomy (cosmology, astrophysics and so on). At the moment I’m studying business law, but I do read plenty of books regarding paleontology and astrophysics as they have become some of my subjects of interest.

I wanted to be a father. I wanted to stay home and raise kids while my wife went to work. And I’d stay home and do all the things that women usually did back then.

Incidentally, my father did just that.

A Transformer.

I’m told that when I was little, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’d say “rich”.

Now this is just freaky. I figured that I was the only person who was inherently geeky enough to want to be a paleontologist when I was five, but I come in here to find that I’m the fourth person to mention it. As Keanu Reeves might say, “Whoa.”

I wanted to be the first female player in Major League Baseball…

Or a tiger.

(Or BOTH!!!)

That’s like my life now! Ok, just the drinking part, really.

In grade school: an artist

In middle school: a dancer/musical performer (ala Fame)

In high school: a teacher – English or Geology (another Paleo geek here)

In college: a college professor of English

In grad school #1 for English MA: a librarian

In library school: still a librarian, I guess

Now that I am a librarian: an artist
Yep. Full circle with a lot o’ learning in between.

I wanted to be either a cook, an astronomer or an archaeologist. Later, I discovered two of those three required a head for meticulous work and a great deal of patience. I then went to college, got a master’s degree in English and became…a web designer and computer tech guy. Story of my life. sigh

Wonder Woman. :smiley:

My goal was to leave human civilization and start my own. I’d establish a new world with nobody in it but me, and maybe a few trusted friends.

It turns out that this is not practical.

When I got a little more realistic, I figured I wouldn’t live long enough to grow up. Boy was I wrong.

Race car driver. My father drove race cars when I was a kid and that is what I thought he did for a living. I did get to drive race cars and did so for about 10 years. I was burned out and realized there are other things to do with ones time. I haven’t raced in 15 years now but if I had the time and money I would do it again. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of either.

When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be a doctor or so says my little book I made that my mom still has then. Of course, it also said the school pizza was my favorite food and that orange was my favorite color, so I was one strange little kid.

Later on, when I was in sixth grade or so I decided I wanted to be an Air Force officer. And a professional wrestler. Yeah… I was still weird.

After I graduated to middle school, I discovered that I really liked science, especially astronomy and related fields. For a year or two afterwards, I wanted to be an astronomer.

And finally, after all that, I decided if I ever went to college, I’d probably wind up majoring in History and probably become a teacher. Assuming that ever happens, that’s still what I’ll probably do.

I wanted to be a scientist, then an entomologist, then, in 6th grade, a veterinarian. My career plans haven’t changed since. I’m applying to vet schools this fall!