What Did You Dream of Being When You Grew Up?

I thought this might be a fun thing to kick out for a summer evening. When you were, oh, about 9 or 10 years old, what did you dream of doing? I was heavily into Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, etc., so I dreamt of being a Crusading Girl Reporter, travelling all over, solving mysteries, and righting injustices. That or a great Defense Attorney, which was much the same thing but with less worldwide travel. When I was in high school, Remington Steele was on, and I would have liked to have been Laura Holt, the show’s private detective heroine. Of course I also though Pierce Brosnan was gorgeous! (Still do, for that matter.)

So, what did you dream about being when you grew up, even if it wasn’t all that realistic? I realize Crusading Girl Reporters look to be a thing of the 30’s and possiby the 50’s, but it was still a fun dream.


Since I was 5 I’ve wanted to be a Paleontologist… still do except my marks are just a bit short of being able to get in. (Darn Honors courses)

For a bit I wanted to be a teacher, and a lawyer. In high school I considered being a Cosmotologist or an Accountant but decided that it wasn’t what I really wanted.

Right now I’m just looking for something I can live with for the next while and not go completely nuts doing. :slight_smile:

I wanted to go into the US Navy and become an Officer, my dad was in the Navy during WW2. I would have went to College UofI, or maybe Illinois-Weslyan(Dad’s Alma-Mater)-NROTC and major in Communication-Journalism, become a Public Affairs Officer - work at Navy News or Stars and Stripes, do 20 years and retire Commander or Captain. And then work as a Reporter at a Major News - TV Affiliate, Chicago, work my way up to the Big-Time.

What did I do, went into the US Navy Enlisted, became a Lithographer/Printer (hence Intaglio) - stayed in for 10 years and got out, because I could not make higher advancement. Work at a good job, in a Print Shop in DE. All-In-All good life, husband of 11 years and an almost 6 year old.

I wanted to be a veterinarian … specializing in bugs. It was a sad day when I finally figured out that nobody was interested in paying a veterinarian to treat bugs.

Failing that, I decided to be a sheep farmer, mother of seven, and president of my own island (it would, of course, be an island populated mainly by sheep, but even so, I don’t know where I thought I would find the time).

I wanted one of two nearly synonomous careers - football star or scientist.

I remember having this discussion with a friend (I was probably around 9) in the sand-pit of the local park. I remember wanting to be a firefighter.

But now, I want to be a breast inspector.

I always wanted to be an archaeologist. My best friend and I talked for hours on end about all the things we’d do and see, and how we’d become the most famous archaeologists in all the world.

Then I realized it wasn’t the kind of job for me, and moved on to firefighting, book-writing, and conquering the world. shrug


I didn’t dream so much about an occupation. In general they weren’t very glamourous for women. But I did imagine a lifestyle that is totally different from what I have or would want now. The image was of a sort of Lana Turner type in a cocktail dress, martini in hand, standing and talking with some handsome man in a Manhattan penthouse with a gorgeous view of the skyline…with the lights on, of course.

Too many soap operas and movies.

Me too.

Once, I dug a hole in the backyard so deep that I unearthed a water main.

When my four year old cousin fell into the hole and broke her leg, I discovered the pain of a belt on my ass.

Minutes later, I figured that the life of archaeology wasn’t for me after all.

Then I wanted to be a truck driver.

I’ve been fascinated with the night sky ever since I thought to look up. I wanted desparately to be an astronomer, but regretably, the physics involved is too much for my feeble brain. Second choice was archaeologist, but neither panned out. I’m a bureaucrat.

To be a well paid man of leisure. Still do.

In no particular order:

Or even “desperately”. D’oh!

To be a well paid man of leisure. Still do.

From eariest to today:

  • Paleontologist
  • Fighter pilot
  • Astronaut
  • Spy
  • Scientist
  • Bio chemist
  • Computer programmer/games designer
  • Out of Uni and employed :frowning:

i wanted to be an astronaut…
of course…when i was 9, i had no idea what Calculus was. High school kills dreams.

I always wanted to train service dogs, specifically seeing eye dogs, but also therapy dogs, detection dogs and other service dogs.


I wanted to be a firefighter around the 5-6 age range, then a engineer/programmer, and now a world ruler.

Me three on the archaeologist. Decided when I was nine that that was what I was going to be when I grew up.

Went to college and graduated with my BA in Public Archaeology.

I’ve been doing technical support for a living ever since.

Second base for Cincinnati.