What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’ll probably never grow up, but if I do I want to play Major League Baseball. In the decade of the 1970’s.

One of my former employees once told me that when he was a young child he wanted to be the Pope when he grew up. I can’t recall ever meeting anyone else aspiring to that admittedly lofty goal. Aim high.

I want a figurehead position somewhere I will make lots and lots of money for minimum effort.
I want to be a famous novelist, so someone wave that magic wand to give me the talent.
I want to be a beeeyoootiful princess with a sparkly crown and a full court of handmaidens and my very own jester!

One thing is for damned sure. I don’t want to be a house painter when I grow up.

I want to be a Ballet Dancer. I could never be waitress though, all those heavy trays would screw up my center of balance.

I want to be Chief Justice of SCOTUS.

Think about, good moeny, job security, and the serious ability to bring America around to your vision of the what’s right.

I want to be a housecat. A spoiled housecat, mind you.
Or perhaps a professional nap-taker.

President of Stimpy’s fan club…

Or lotion-boy for the Hawaiin tropic girls



My beautiful dream from my childhood is to be retired. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted.

I want to be governor. Shake hands, make speeches, hug babies, slap backs, and then after I get elected get a statewide health plan that really works for the citizens, and get both unemployment and crime rates down to 0% and institute a full college scholarship for poor kids with good grades.

I want to be a Paleontologist. I have since I was 5.

I want to be Dorothy Parker, only more…um…alive, I guess. :wink: Except for the depressed, lovelorn, bisexual husband parts - those, I could forego.

I want to be mad genuis dancer-choreographer with a dance troupe of children.

… or a florist, or maybe just a witch with a garden full of herbs and a friendly cat.

To be able to saunter up to a piano at a party and play so wonderfully that everyone is in awe, and to be able to then be croon so well that it starts a serious revival of the music of the 30’s/40’s/50’s, and the return of romaticism (without its downside)…all of which is attributed to me.

Impossible, impracticable and a wild and foolish dream…but someone out there can have my dream for free…hey, you…make it happen!

Rich :smiley: I think I’d be perfectly happy as a part-time novelist/part-time preschool teacher.

I want to be Chuck Connors as The Rifleman.

"What do you want to be when you grow up? "

Big !! :smiley:

I want to be an artist.

Oh wait, I am… :slight_smile:

I want to be an astronaut and a fireman and a president. And a lion.

A teenager.

I want to be an opera singer - one who can sing coleratura.