What did you think of the film Heavenly Creatures then?

It’s a Great film with Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey in it. Well you have to watch it a few times because it’s quite confusing so what did you think of this film then?

I think I got the gist in a single viewing. It sure put the whole Slender Man thing (which happened decades later) into context. The plasticene Claymation was really impressive. And Kate Winslet wore some of the least-revealing lingerie I’ve ever seen.

I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Really expertly made.

Pretty decent, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a favorite.

For something similar, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me or Dead Ringers are both probably better films. (Though also not favorites, as creepy films aren’t really my cup of tea.)

Seen it twice, once before Lord of the Rings was out and once again about 2 years ago.

Not a fan, honestly. It isn’t terrible, but it is also not something I consider a particularly memorable movie. Outside the fact Kate Winslet is in it and Peter Jackson directed it, it really is merely average.

I’m kind of perplexed by the comparison to Fire Walk With Me. Dead Ringers I kind of get, given that it’s also based in fact (if loosely).

It’s the story of a girl who’s privately going insane and acting out in horrible ways, in secret, while the whole rest of the world thinks that everything is hunky-dory right up to the point where it all goes to hell.

Plus quasi-symbolic, wacky stuff thrown in by the director to up the ratio of creepiness.

I haven’t seen Heavenly Creatures for probably 10 years, but my recollection is that the “wacky stuff” was more-or-less a straight depiction of the fantasy world constructed by the girls.

But I see your point.

I loved it. Of course, I was a just-out-of-adolescence girl myself at the time, and a couple of years earlier my best friend was dragged out of my loving arms by her eeeeeeeevil parents who thought that for some godforsaken reason she should move to another state simply because they happened to be moving. I mean. Really. They had no idea the traumatic torture they were putting us through! There were tears and threats of running away together and while we didn’t kill anyone, we really really wanted to.

I thought it did a great job at capturing the craziness that is the teenage girl’s brain, the passionate love that teen girls can share, and the bits about the homophobia (like, literally, fear of homosexuality) of the time were pretty interesting as well.

I first saw it when I was around the age of the characters, so it really stuck with me. It’s one of the few “based on a true story” movies I genuinely like.

Because I am a huge fan of Anne Perry (Juliet Hulme), I had already done a lot of reading about the actual murder and the relationship between the girls. It was certainly an interesting film.

The only reason I watched it is because of Peter Jackson and at the time Dead Alive was (and still is I guess) one of my favorite movies. Despite not knowing what to expect going in, and disappointed that there was no zombies/gore, I still really really liked it. I’ve seen it a few times since and it holds up pretty well.

I didn’t watch in until maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Peter Jackson will be remembered for LOTR, but this movie is his true masterpiece.

It’s been that many years since I saw it I can’t really remember all the details. I seem to recall finding it very interesting but the murder scene beat the shit out of me (pun intended). Not sure if that was due to something I was going through at the time or what, but from that moment on I mentally classified this film as one of those “great films that I never want to see again”.

It’s also the story of two girls whose mental illnesses match up 'way too closely (although since one girl is the Alpha and the other is the Beta, that plays into the whole folie a deux).

It might be his mainstream masterp. But dead alive is truely a zombie/gore masteru for the ages. I had a friend studying film in collage who saw dead qlive and said “well, there’s no way I can top this” and promptly changed his major.

Loved it.

I really liked it- I thought Melanie Lynskey was especially good in it. Honestly, she’s never been that good in anything else and we all know Kate Winslet is a natural so I suppose that says quite a bit about the director.