What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an artist for Marvel Comics, but was willing to settle for being a writer for them. Still am, actually…

No idea.

If anyone else knows, please tell me.


I also wanted to be a garbage man at age 3.
4-10, locomotive engineer
10-12, nuclear physicist
13-14, a surgeon.
14, a minister.
15-16, a forester,
16-17, civil engineer.
18-19, mechanical engineer; started out with this major.
19 on, electrical engineer specializing in computers. Still at it at 42.

Well, Queen of the Universe never quite panned out, and I’m rather sure that I could never convince Princes William or Harry to marry me so that I could have a royal title in a language I speak, sooo . . . I’m going to be a high school English teacher. Just think, I’ll be able to subvert an entirely new generation! It’s almost as good being Queen of the Universe, except more subtle, so the potential for being dastardly is MUCH higher.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. Not very ambitious for a kid who comes from a family of medical and legal types.

In my early teens I thought I wanted to be an architect, but my ineptitude at simple graphic art quickly dissuaded me.

In my late teens it occurred to me that I’d like to design the CPUs that Intel makes. That was before I realised I am no genius.

I did computer science at uni, because I liked computers and not doing a degree was out of the question. I dropped out though, because uni destroyed my love of programming.

I’m a network administrator now.


an astronaut when i was little. damn that astronaut barbie. she kept my dream alive - then i discovered calculus. okay, well, it wasn’t the calculus that did it. it was math in general. calculus came along senior year in high school and just made me happy that i had decided against being an astronaut early on in my life.

in the adolescent stage of my life it was any of the following at any given time --in parenthesis are basically the discouraging realities my mother offered me as i mused over my future, pre-puberty:
-chef (what do you mean i can’t be a picky eater???)
-artist (oh, wait, they don’t make money)
-author (they don’t make money either?? what is this?)
-author AND illustrator (yeah, i ignored my mother’s previous author/artist advice)

middle school was all about fashion design. then took a fashion merch class in 10th grade and found out that not only do i have major trouble sewing in a straight line, but i’m impatient – and that causes problems.

so 11th grade was psychologist. well, AP psych in 12th grade ruined that dream (it wasn’t the course, incidentally, it was the teacher)

senior year, i was all hyped up and inspired by my jr. year AP english teacher to be an english secondary ed. teacher. oh, but then i got to college.

which is where i am now. second semester freshman. i’ve spent at least 10 years thinking about what i want to be and i’ve still got nothing. except now, it’s a big problem because i have to declare by the end of next year.

wheeeeeee. :frowning:

  1. Tall
  2. Rich.
  3. a nurse.

One outta three. Ah, well…I’m happier, and I’m loved by my kids. I consider myself ahead of the game.

I wanted to be an Air Force pilot (1st choice) or an Army pilot (2nd choice), unfortunately I don’t have 20/20 vision.

One of my HS teachers, on the other hand, wanted to be a fire truck.

Marine Biologist
FBI agent. - though I’m in college, I’m still stuck on this one. Hehehe, I’m never gonna grow up.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a writer and have been writing for ages. I’ve got a couple things done, now I just need to want to be an editor. Shame I took that English class full of horrible writers that required “peer editing” and nearly went NUTS.

What I wanted to be…

Forest Ranger

What I’ve been so far…

The only person I know who didn’t switch majors in college…grin
Field Biologist
Life Guard and Swim Instructor (to make money for college)
Air Force Officer (voluntered rather than be drafted into army)
Teacher of Biology, Anatomy and Physics

What I want to be in the future…

Learning about the new things that are being discovered in the sciences.
A better typist

In the grand tradition of generations of boys the world over, I wanted to be a train driver. I’m in my thirties, and I still do (in a way), though these days I content myself with Microsoft Train Sim. When I’m in a good mood, I guide virtual Tokyo suburban EMUs through a maze of tracks, attempting to keep on time running, or by enjoying the thrill of a high speed US Acela train. When I’m in a shitty mood, I calm myself down by hauling a quadruple-headed coal train over the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, trying to get thousands of tons moving from a standstill on a grade in snow, then guiding the beast down the other side of the mountain range with brakes glowing hot. Yeah, I stilll want to be a train driver. Engineer for you Yanks.

I have a 99 ford ranger, supposedly this model of auto (ford ranger) has transmission problems. I have an automatic and sometimes when the truck is upshifting it has trouble upshifting, like it will take 3-4 seconds of doing high RPMs in the lower gear before it upshifts instead of smoothly upshifting. this seems to happen more with the lower gears like going from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 rather than something like shifting into OD. Im going to take it to a mechanic soon but id still like to get some opinions on what it could be, and/or how expensive it could be to fix.

how the hell did that end up here? Sorry, i shouldnt post right after i wake up.

I wanted to be a farmer.

A Vampire Hunter. And then a comic book artist, specifically drawing Transformers.

I ended up as a graphic designer, and am now working on 2 graphic novels, so it ended up alright. and i still get to draw myself as a vampire hunter, which i frequently do, if i’m not a ninja or a jedi or something. :smiley:

A nurse or a doctor. Then a barrister. Then, at about age 16, I developed an even greater fascination with science/space travel and the universe than I’d had before (I’d always been a science geek sort of kid, but never thought of doing it as a career), and decided that I wanted to be an astrophysicist. Its working out so far.

I did contemplate being an astronaut, but things like Challenger put a stop to such ambitions. Plus my mother’s comment, when I told her that I wanted to be an astronaut - “You are not leaving Earth orbit. Ever.” I worry about her sometimes!

From age 6 I wanted nothing more than to die.

Now I’m a lawyer.

Close enough.

[li]5-7: Farmer. I even had my own little farm all planned out with maps and pictures that I had drawn, and wanted to have it ready to go once I got to be a grownup.[/li][li]8-11: Astronomer. My early fascination with planets and stars made this sound like it would be an exciting career.[/li][li]12-14: Computer programmer. Back then most computers had BASIC and I always had a lot of fun typing in programs. I thought a programmer got to do this sort of thing for a living, so why not?[/li][li]14-15: Rock musician. I knew how to play the guitar, and I had friends who could play bass and drums. It was a fun, but short-lived fantasy.[/li][li]16-17: I briefly entertained the idea of becoming a meteorologist at this time, probably because I was a geeky Weather Channel watcher then.[/li][li]17-20: Toss-up between software engineer and civil engineering. Once I got to college I began to pursue the former, then the latter, but personal problems (no, not drugs or substance abuse) interfered with my studies and my life in general.[/li][li]21-25: Business management. I switched majors and got an associate degree in business management. I wish I had gone on to earn a bachelor’s, but I was tired of school and I wanted to get out into the real world. I never found any jobs for which I was qualified, and my interest in business management waned during this time.[/li][li]25-30: Computer repair. I thought this might be a good field to get into, seeing how many newbies were buying computers and f**king them up, or at least thinking they screwed something up. Atfer watching more experienced technicians work on my machines and getting frustrated, I realized my own lack of patience and high blood pressure threshold forbid me from further interest in this career.[/li][li]Present: I work as a printer testing technician. I’m happy to have established myself in the computer industry, but I feel I had squandered many opportunities to have achieved more in this field when I was younger.[/li][/ul]

I wanted to be an art teacher. I figured it was the best way to make a living at something I wasn’t good enough to do on its own. I never did get there, but I still enjoy art, although more from a viewing perspective than a doing perspective. I’m getting into photography now, so I hope things will pick up in the creativity department.

For the majority of my childhood I wanted to be an actress. Then I realized that I was short, fat, only semi-talented, and not the kind of girl to have Oscars hand-delivered to her door.

Then I wanted to be a musician. I went to music college and everything. I dropped out after a year because I realized I was the least talented person in the place and I was wasting my time and money.

After that, I desperately wanted to be an author. Until I read some of my own stuff and discovered that once again, there was a noticeable lack of talent.

Now, at 28, I’m torn. Radio DJ, independent filmmaker, screenwriter, idle rich, comic book writer … I want them all. Instead of my grand dreams, the jobs I’ve actually had are various reception and secretary positions, phone psychic, office slave, office manager, administrative peon, and clerical punching bag.