What do all those producers on tv/film do?

When you watch some films/tv shows you see lots of different kinds of producers (asst., associate, exec, etc.). What do they each do? Just cough up certain amounts of money? Like gold donor, silver donor, bronze donor to a nonprofit? :dubious:

I don’t know if producers spend money on established shows, but they are the ones who profit when a show goes into syndication. I wonder if part of the problem with The Simpsons stems from the fact that they have a couple of dozen producers of various types…

Cervaise will undoubtedly be along soon to explain in greater detail, but the short answer is: it depends.

Some producers are just the liaison with the financial backers. They arrange for the film to run on budget, rein in expenses, ask the backers for more money, keep the film on schedule, or whatever.

Some producers are the visionary of the film, deciding what it will be and look like. Jerry Bruckheimer leaps to mind. He’s a producer famous for over-the-top exploding stuff and Big Manly Action Movies, yet he doesn’t write or direct much. He just procures people who do.

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