What do I charge for making a comic book?

As I mentioned in an MPSIMS thread, I may be making a comic book for someone. We are working out exactly what is to be done. However, I am uncertain what to charge for my work!

What, typically, do people charge for drawing such things and setting up a book? I could propose $20/hour, or what else seems like a good hourly rate, based on what seems like typical task completion times, but is that how it works? Do people propose a lump sum to start, and if so how much?

Thanks for any help you can point me towards!

From what I know they are paid by the page.

A friend of mine was paid based on the number of pages he penciled for a back story of comic book company back in the late 80’s. It was $80 a page. He penciled 10 pages. The company was Aircel Comics.