What do I do about my wisdom tooth until oral surgery

I’ve got a really painful wisdom tooth coming in diagonally toward a molar, but for various reasons I can’t get it removed until mid-May. Problem is it’s a real pain for me to eat anything and even sometimes when i’m not eating it gives me grief. Is there anything I can do, maybe some foods that won’t hurt as much, until I have it (and the rest of my wisdom teeth) removed?

There’s teething gel and teething rings (which work better when they’re frozen, or at least very cold), and soft food. Sometimes the only thing to eat is something like Carnation Instant Breakfast, or other food substitutes. I used to eat a lot of vegetable beef soup, with some brown rice thrown in while it simmered.

My advice is a teething ring at home, where nobody will see you, teething gel out in public, and eating lots of soups and other soft foods when your tooth is bothering you. Don’t even THINK about steak or ribs.

My sympathies. I had no teething problems as a toddler, but my mother said that I MORE than made up for it as a teenager with my wisdom teeth.

Depends where it hurts - if your gums are aching, try Ambisol.

If your pain is more headachy/jawachy in nature, try ibuprofen.

Also, now is probably not the time to enter a “See who can eat the most caramals” contest.

You’re probably going to feel crappy after the surgery for a few days, so stock up on pudding and milk-shake fixin’s.

Good luck!

Mashed taters and advil, my friend.
I’ve been through it three times.
Has your dentist offered any pain meds? Mine did, and I refused…at first! But at three a.m. when you’re begging any god you’ve ever heard of for some relief, some hydrocodone does right nice.
Good luck and take care!


Is there only one dentist in your city BigKahunaBurger?

Actually, it’s that I’m really busy till then. Mid-May is the first time I’ll have 3 straight days to recuperate. Thanks for all the help and keep it coming.

I sympathize, BIG time; I had a wisdom tooth get impacted in Leningrad during late glasnost, with no antibiotics or much of anything else available. The Russian dentist told me to wash it with warm tea 3 times a day (I might add that tea was being rationed at the time, and I was going to be stuck there for another 3 months before I could get home to my own dentist and sterile operating conditions).
When I got home, after laughing his butt off about the warm tea, my oral surgeon said there is actually a grain of truth to that; tea is a natural antiseptic, and part of your pain issues may be related to infection caused by particles of food getting stuck in your gums. Another part of your pain issues may be just that the tooth is in the process of pushing through your gums, which is causing inflammation. Try to keep the area as clean as you can; salt water or antiseptic mouthwash are good for this. Some ibuprofen couldn’t hurt, either. The good news: once the tooth breaks through the gum, the pain and swelling should decrease markedly, so hang in there!

I got some stuff once over the counter at Longs in California, like orajel or an equivalent, it contained 20% benzocaine. Well, it worked just right, but anything else it touched, my lips, tongue, whatever, also became numb :slight_smile: