What do I look for in jeans? (As a guy)

In my ongoing quest to appear more…normal. I’ve decided that it’s about time I bought a couple pairs of jeans, seeing as I’ve never owned any.

So I know there are a large variety of cuts and etc., what are the main things I’m looking for when trying to pick out a pair of jeans?

The first thing I noticed when trying on some jeans recently is that the front pockets are freakin’ useless, I can barely fit my wallet into them. Is that common for all jeans, or just particular styles?

Get Levi’s. Everyone else is just copying. Beyond that, you are looking for ass-huggery, NOT crotch-huggery.

The wallet goes in a back pocket. It fits perfectly there.

The most important thing about mens jeans is the sizes. Men have it great! Jeans are sized by Waist/Inseam in inches. So, for example, if you are me, you would buy 33/30 jeans, because I have a 33’’ waist and a 30’’ inseam.(Although I think this system is universal across all mens pants, so you should know that already)

Women must use a secret decoder ring for each department store they visit to figure out the correct size. I don’t envy them.

There are lots of cuts, like relaxed fit and boot cut. Just try each one out and decide which style you like best.

Get whatever kind that make your ass look great! Levi’s always seem to fit the bill, but try on different brands until you find what’s comfortable.

I’ve gravitated towards Lee jeans, not being enamored of jeans fading.

Okay, follow up question then, which store is the best for finding a variety of jeans (if it isn’t a generic department store like J.C. Penney)?

I think Levi’s are far too expensive. I like the JC Penney store brand, St. John’s Bay. Generally much cheaper, hold up as well in my experience, and they are easier to find in odd sizes.

Since you’re asking, as a guy, what to look for in jeans, I think “a woman” is the best answer. By far, some of the best things I’ve found in jeans have been female.

On edit: the store brand jeans sold by the Dillards chain have been great for me as a larger sized man. If you fit in regular store sizes, just get the cheapie jeans from Wal-Mart. Why pay too much for pants?

Oh, for the return of the codpiece: http://www.purpleunicorn.shoppingcartsplus.com/codpiece101.html
That’s the essence of tight fitting jeans on men.
If the ladies can display their attributes, why not men?

Levi’s suck if you’re tall. Plus aren’t they still making tapered leg jeans? Don’t buy anything with a tapered leg unless you want to look like a douche.

Go to Old Navy. They are reasonably priced and make nice looking jeans in a wide variety of sizes. I used to wear Levis exclusively until they stopped making 36 inseam jeans in decent cuts. They lost a loyal customer forever fuck Levis.

Also Carhart makes some manly looking jeans. If you want to look like the kind of guy who knows his way around a construction site buy Carharts.

The way to go is to bring a girl you trust with you and try on a bunch of different pairs and ask her what looks good. If you are trying to buy the jeans so that you will be able to find a girl you trust to go with you to buy other jeans (or, you know, for hot monkey sex) then it’s not a bad idea to just walk in and throw yourself on the mercy of the girl in the store. If you go this route I would advise against Dillards or a big box store because I find it’s a pain in the ass to get someone to actually help me in those places. If you go to a smaller store the staff will walk right up to you and ask you if you need help.

The people at the store spend their day selling people clothes, but they also tend to be the type of people who want you to look good and will help you find something that makes you look good. Of course, they’re trying to sell you a bunch of stuff, so be aware of this. I think if you go in thinking “I’m going to get a pair of jeans and a cool shirt (or two shirts)” and then let the people in the store outfit you, you won’t go wrong.

Also, for that half hour you have a cute girl fawning over you and checking out your ass and having you turn around and showing you to her friends so they can evaluate how smoking hot you look. How is that not fun?

Uh, how much do you want to spend, and what are they for?
You can go buy Levi’s for $30 a pair, or Wranglers, or other crappy brands for $20 a pair if you are just looking for some jeans to wear casually around the house and not wear too often.

If you want to get something stylish and higher quality, you can spend $100, $200, or $300 a pair. Obviously these are more for going out and hitting clubs or if you are concerned that people think you are up to current fashion trends.

Do not assume that a 32 waist on one jean is a 32 on another (even among the same brand), as different cuts will fit you differently. If you find a brand you like, make sure you try on each and every cut to make sure you like how they fit.

Dillards’ upscale department stores(they actually have 3 levels of stores) has a pretty good selection of Men’s jeans, from $30 Levis to $200 Guess or Buffalo or Antik Denim. The more expensive stuff has more elaborate designs and washes.

If you just want cheap jeans because you don’t have any, try Wal-Mart (or Target actually has Mossimo jeans, which are relatively cheap at around $40 and have modern cuts and washes). If you want to spend more, go to one of the upscale Dillards and get DKNY or Buffalo, if you want to spend even more, go to Nordstroms or a clothing boutique.

Jeans are not just Jeans anymore. Sure, you can buy a cheap ass pair of Levi, but IMHO they’re not all that flattering or stylish. Jeans have come a long way since the 80s.

Everybody needs a great pair of jeans for going out. I dig some of Lucky Brand’s jeans. But if you don’t feel like dropping $130, or just can get yourself to do it, maybe try Guess, Old Navy, or even Urban Outfitters (Old Navy will be the cheapest, but they have some cuts that mimic today’s fashion trends).

Resist Wrangler and Lee if you can. Uck.

My personal favorite is American Eagle Outfitters. Their low rise jeans are awesome.

I think straight-leg or slightly flared boot cut jeans look best on most men. Get them hemmed (or the right length!) so that they don’t bunch up around your ankles and look like 1980’s leg warmers. I wouldn’t recommend light coloured jeans either, if you plan on wearing them to look good! A dark wash, without pre-bleached fade lines are the best. Dark jeans, straight leg will make you look taller and thinner. Also don’t go too baggy; jeans that don’t fit well in the butt just end up sagging and giving you the appearance of having a giant flabby ass. Even if you are self-conscious, trust me, you look 100% better with your butt nicely shaped into a pair of jeans.

Get nice shoes, too, if you don’t already have some. I’m not a fan of sneakers, though there are some nice ones, but something like this will help you look very nice too! Wear that with some nice button shirts and you’ll look fantastic.

I need to take my husband shopping…!

For tall skinny men who don’t have much ass I heartily recommend Levi’s Silvertab jeans–they are cut to make even the flattest little muffin look like a bootay…

I buy the Costco house brand of jeans. They are made by Lee. About $12.95 a pop. New ones I wear to work. Older ones around the house. Anything older goes to Goodwill.

The last time I wore any other pants besides jeans was my wife’s father’s funeral almost three years ago. Before than was my father’s funeral 11 years ago. Last time I wore a tie with sportscoat as well on both occasions.

Casual Friday is everyday for me. Clothes don’t make me. I make the clothes.

I second the dark wash- the darker the jeans, the dressier they can be. A nice button-down or polo shirt, it looks great for a date. But if you wear a T-shirt, they’re casual, so it’s the best of both worlds. I hate faded jeans. And the people that wear them. (OK, not really. :p)

Asking “What do I look for in jeans?” without giving background info is kinda like asking “What do I look for in a vehicle” without giving background info. It depends on how old you are, where do you intend to wear them, what you plan on doing in them, what kinda guy you consider yourself, etc. Just pick out a store or two and try one of each style to see if it matches your personality

For example, if you are a typical suburban younger guy who will be tying to dress to impress (or possibly not stand out too much), you might want to go with the more trendier stuff offered at American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Old Navy or other popular mall stores.

If you are a younger family guy and you need jeans for going to the store and on weekends, you can find what you need for you and your whole family at Old Navy or The Gap.

If you are a little bit older, Eddie Bauer has stuff that looks good, but not to trendy and not too old fogey.

If you live in a small town or rural area or you intend to work in your jeans, go to a Western wear store and pick out some Wranglers or jeans designed for work.


As a guy, I look for chicks in jeans.