What do I need to know about Karaoke machines?

So my beautiful, blushing bride wants a Karaoke machine for Christmas.

Anyone here own one? What do I need to know prior to purchasing?

Also, how does one acquire new songs for a home Karaoke machine? Wifey is Korean, so ideally we’d need a way to get Korean pop songs.

Thanks in advance for the advise!

All I know about them is that they were invented by Satan himself. Sorry if that’s not much help.

*No, I don’t like Karaoke. Can you tell?

I’m in total agreement; but the wife loves it, and I love her…

Kara oke means empty voice.

That emptiness hungers to be filled- with human flesh. Any karaoke machine requires regular blood sacrifice in order to run correctly.

We have a couple of cats… would they do?

I hope no one minds if I give this one subtle bump…

Empty orchestra?

There are usually karaoke specialty shops in major cities. These are good places to purchase music and sometimes equipment. You can also order rare music from the internet. Some people have had success borrowing a friend’s collection and making compilation CDs.

I suggest hiding a switch in the closet that turns the machine off. “What’s the matter, dear? Oh, the machine’s not working? It must be overheating. Let’s give it a rest for a few hours.”

Brilliant! If slightly evil… :smiley:

We have a large DJ/Karaoke store near my house. I don’t partake, but I imagine since you’re in San Diego such a store could be located near you, too.

For some reason the Asian video store in my neighborhood says it carrys karoake supplies. Maybe it’s a common thing.