What do Indira Gandhi and Post-World War I Germany have in common?

UrbanChic needs someone to recommend books about them, that’s what!

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OK, that should read POST World War I.

I’m specifically interested in Indira’s political career and her life while she was in office and the details of what precipitated her assassination.

With regards to post-World War I Germany, I’m interested in a work that contains personal accounts of daily life as well as examinations of the economy and political climate.

Thanks in advance and if you need more information to help you make the best recommendation, ask away!

Not a big Indira Gandhi fan, but I loves Weimar Germany.

Try Lustmord by Maria Tatar.

Voluptuous Panic by Mel Gordon.

And Art and Politics in the Wiemar Period by John Willet.

That last one focuses on what you probably really want, as opposed to morbid sex. But then, if you don’t want to hear about morbid sex, why are you interested in the Weimar period?

Thanks a bunch, Ike!

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Two books about post WWI Germany you might like are “The Kings Depart”, by Richard Watt, an older (and, admittedly, dated) look at Germany between the armistice and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, as well as “The Dark Valley” by Piers Brendon. This isn’t a look strictly at Germany, but it’s a crossnational look at the '30s, and Germany is included. Neither of these may be what you want, but they’re both entertaining, very readable books that you might enjoy.

Thanks, Captain Amazing. I’ll give them a whirl, too.

Upon rereading my second post to this thread, I see that the assumption can be made I’m looking for only one book about each subject. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Well, I suppose something could be. Actually, when I stop to think about it many things are. Pluto, to name one. Proxima Centauri, too. I guess that means I’d have to include the intrepid Cassini probe. But I digress. I’ve decided to dedicate fourth quarter to reading all about Indira Gandhi’s political career and post-WWI Germany.