What do insurance agencies decide is an act of God?

If a group of Christian fundamentalists started an insurance company, and had the usual “policy does not cover acts of God” clause in their contracts, could they legally claim that everything that happens is the will (and therefore act) of God, and therefore never pay out?

Maybe I’m just pessimistic, but that clause always makes me nervous…

Nope. Act of God has a specific legal meaning:

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary.

That’s good to know, thanks.

Wonder what God has to say about that definition…

I don’t know, KKBattousa, GOD hasn’t posted here for quite a while.
You could email and ask, I guess.

Ok, I’ll be serious. Sorry 'bout that. :slight_smile:
Is a forest fire, set by an arsonist, an act of god? The subject actually came up at work last week due to all the fires around here.

Watchdog in the UK had a case of sewage back-up featured on their show last night.

The bockage caused untreated sewage to back-up drains and sprayed into peoples houses (somewhere in London), causing the homes to be filled up to a height of about 1.2m (4 Ft). Not pleasant.

All belongings in the rooms were destroyed, the house almost uncleanable and the incident was labeled as ‘act of God’ (flooding), so no insurance companies or Thames Water (responsible for the sewers) are willing to pay for the damage.

IANAL, but that would seem to fail the “without any interference by humans whatsoever” requirement.

That’s true, Diceman, but when we were talking I didn’t know about that specific requirement. Not the “whatsoever” part. We did assume it though. The actual subject of the discussion was about how it was in the best interest of the insurance company that the fire be an “act of god”, and how they could possibly influence the fire marshall’s report. Not that an insurance company (or any corporation) would ever cheat.

And on the 2,452,367th day, He said, “Let there be sewage.”