What do real Mexicans think of high end Mexican cuisine...

…like Rick Bayless’ restaurants in Chicago. I’ve never been to any of his restaurants, but does he or any of the other famous Anglo Mexican food chefs get many Mexican customers? And how does their food compare what you might find at a high end restaurant in Mexico?

You’ll probably have to define what a “real Mexican” is before you’ll get any satisfactory answers.

I’d also like to know what a “fake” Mexican is.

Someone who is actually from Mexico or is of Mexican descent.

Taco Bell.

While I have only been to Mexico a couple of times, and only for short periods of time, as I understand it “Mexican Cusine” is supposedly as diverse (depending on region and specific ethnicity of the chef) as Chinese or French Cusine is…

I Imagine the Mexican food in Vera Cruz is way different that the food in Ciudad Juarez.

(PBS has a show “Mexico One Plate at a Time” hosted by Rick Bayless, that is really informative and fun to watch—It always gives me some serious food and cerveza cravings though)

Rick Bayless came to Houston a few years ago to promote a book; Houston Press food writer Robb Walsh gave him the tour–which included a Mexican restaurant.

But–what do the chilangos think? Frommer’s has a list of restaurants in Mexico City; these are rather high end places for non-backpacking tourists. But they are popular with the locals. Several cuisines are represented but “Mexican” leads. Some of the places are temples of Mexican cuisine; others offer simple dishes that show a strong family resemblence to Tex-Mex.

The Wall Street Journal lists restaurants in the DF that blend ancient tradition with modern foodie trends. But I have it on good authority that Mexicans also go out for steak–or maybe pizza. And Mexico City Style Sushi can be found in Houston–several steps beyond Japanese purity but quite delicious.