What do savants who excel in music, maths, art, and/or memory experience?

I know autistic savants have a major disadvantage when it comes to everyday tasks but I’ve wondered for example what a savant at the piano experiences in their head.

Do they see notes that correspond with a key on the piano ? Especially when they can play by ear? If not do they see notes light up on the keyboard?

And how do they avoid pressing the wrong notes. I know even after practicing 10 times I’m bound to make a mistake or two. I’ll never be as good as them? :rolleyes:

What really happens in their head?

If I had to guess I would say nothing really happens in there, they don’t really have to think about what they’re doing its just some innate talent that doesn’t require a lot of mental effort on their part. This is also true to a point with regular musicians, in that if they start thinking too much about what they’re playing for a lot of people that’s when they start making mistakes and stumbling around hitting wrong notes or getting off time.

Centipede’s Dilemma

If you start to think about it you won’t be able to coordinate everything.