What do semantics mean?

What do semantics mean?

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Semantics means the study of meaning, i.e., what words and other symbols mean.

In linguistics, semantics refers to the study of meaning within language: how people disambiguate different meanings of the same word, how thematic roles are assigned, and generally how people go from sounds and words to meaning. This is distinct from phonology (how sounds are made, recognized, and classified), morphology (how cases, affixes, etc. change words), syntax (how words are arranged into meaningful sentences), and so on. Sentences like “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously,” are perfectly grammatical but don’t make any sense. On the other hand, sentences like, “The gostak distims the doshes,” are easy to parse— there’s something called a ‘gostak’ that’s doing an action called ‘distimming’ to something called ‘doshes’— without knowing what half the words in the sentence actually mean.

Another note: Although the noun semantics appears to be an English plural noun, it’s actually an English singular noun.

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OP: There’s a difference in usage. For some (perhaps most, even) people, the term semantics is merely an insult for another person’s position. For linguists, the term is the name of a particular branch of linguistics. See here for the definition of the term and a cultural note regarding its dismissive use.

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