What do the PGA pros hit with each club?

Is there a web site that I can get a list of what some PGA pros hit with all their clubs? I was watching the tour last weekend and the announcer says “This is 169 yards, that’s an easy 9 iron”. I couldn’t do that in a hurricane.

Anyone ever seen a list of the sort?

Figure about 150 yds for a 9 iron, with about 15 yard (OR 10%) per extra club. But a lot depends on wind and elevation. About 190 yds with a 5 iron, and maybe 250-270 with a 2 iron.

(I hit about 125 yds with my 9 iron.) :slight_smile:

They hit golf balls. Some guys hit knee caps, but, while professional, I don’t think that’s the type you’re interested in.

And here’s a link to Tiger’s stats:


Thanks for the link, but those numbers seem a little short. I play bogey golf and I can hit a 5 iron 200 yards if I really get into it. However I play the 5 about 175-180 on average.

Thanks again.

As I’m sure you know, the real scoring is in the short game. Plenty of guys can bomb it off the tee, but how many can do a Phil Mickelson flop shot or consistetly avoid 3-putting from >30 feet on the green?

Those numbers may be slightly short, but they surely account for all of Tiger’s shots, not just the best ones. While I might hit a 5 iron 200 yards with the wind at my back and on turf as hard and dry as the salt flats, Tiger’s numbers listed would certainly include the times he hits a 5 iron at St. Andrews with a 35 mph wind in his face.

Similarly, every once in a while I’ll get a hold of a drive and knock it about 275 or so. That doesn’t mean that I should start comparing my driving distance to that of Mark O’Meara. He’s clearly much, much longer than I am, considering that I also sometimes hit my driver 235.

BTW, there is no way you’d score anyhwer near a 90 on a course set up for a PGA tournament, so I don’t know that “bogey golfer” means much when you’re comparing yourself to the pros. I think the typical rule of thumb is that a scratch player at a local club might shoot an 80+ in a PGA tournament, and might very well shoot over 90 in a US Open course.

I am definitely too tired to be at work: I misread the title as “Why do PGA pros hit each other with their clubs”?

You’re reading into this WAY too much. All I want to know is what club does the average pro pull out of that bag 175 yards away, for instance. I pull the 5 or 6 depending on the lie and/or pin placement. Just out of shear curiosity, I’m wondering where I stand as compared to a tour player. I’m not saying I’m ready for the tour, I’m saying my skills are anywhere near a pro’s. I’m not saying I’m out to hit it as far as I can with disregard to every other aspect of the game. I’m not even saying I’d hit the 5 or 6 175 yards every time…

I thought my opening question was pretty straight forward.

I guess to accumulate 18,000+ posts, you’d have to take liberties.

I’d say it’s more likely that they represent how Tiger plans his shots on “a normal day under normal conditions” (as the link notes). He would then adjust these numbers to allow for wind, unusually hard or soft ground, etc.

And, as we all know, he’d use different estimates when he’s really pumped up and holding nothing back.

I don’t know of a site w comprehensive yardage listings, but Golf Digest (the magazine) has a great monthly feature called ‘What’s In My Bag.’ The clubs and other gear of players (balls, tees, whatever) are discussed and there’s usually a listing of the clubs and their yardage. July 06 is about my favorite player (Jimmy Furyk). Here’s the archives for the feature on golfdigest.com.

My grandfather, who was an amazing golfer before he passed away (shot below his age every year from about 75 to 87) dealt with a lot of pro players on a PGA course. He told me that they altered the numbers for pros on their clubs so that it seemed like they could hit it 2 or 3 club lengths further. I’m not sure if there are any standard rules on club head angle and #, but it sounded plausable.