What do these people *really* want?

Received a notice in the mail: “Refund Notice”, having to do with refunding escrow on a VA homeloan. They want me to call them and provide my address (which they have), amount of my monthly payments, and the loan interest rate. Common sense tells me that if I call, it will just be a pitch to refinance my house. Otherwise, why would they want the monetary information?

Is anybody familiar with this particular ploy? If such money is actually available, how would one go about finding out?

Why would they want your loan amount or your interest rate if they wanted to refund money to an escrow account? They could either just send you a check or make a deposit to the escrow account because they obviously have access to it already if what they say is true.

It is some type of scam to be sure. Call them from a pay phone and give them fake info to let us know what is up. It could be anything from identity theft, gaining access to your account, information gathering, or sales.

What they want is your money! It’s a scam pure and simple. Especially if you have never done business with them. Shred or tear it up and forget it.
They get lists of mortgage holders to bulk mail the come-ons to.
If it did NOT have first class postage it was bulk mail, another indication of a scam.

By any chance did you just recently buy a house? And if so is it your first time. I just bought my first house about a year ago and at least once a week, I get some sort of junk like that. In fact alot of it looks very official and even comes from places with offical sounding names (as in they have the word Government or Treasury in them). It doesn’t take long until you learn to just shread them without even looking at them.

Yeah, I’m pretty good at spotting scams. This letter is from (from what I can tell) a legitimate mortgage company. We refinanced a couple of years ago with a VA loan, but not with this company. I’m going to assume that they are just fishing to get me to refi again.