What do these things mean on my Voter Registration card?

I got a new card in the mail (I’d moved and changed my address) and for the first time really looked at it (sigh, I know, but I’m paying more attention to politics now).

Pct. - 026
Ward - 33
Cong. - 04
St. Leg - 20
St. Rep - 40
Judicial - 06
Cnty Brd - 08
BOR - 2

I can figure Precinct, Ward (duh), Congress, State Legislature, State Representative, Judicial (double duh), County Board (?), but what’s BOR?

What do the numbers mean and how do I find out what they stand for?

How do I find out for sure where I’m supposed to vote?

Thanks in advance.

BOR probably stands for Board of Regents. The numbers say that you are registered in, and therefore can vote for candidates in: Precinct 26, Ward 33, etc. As to where to vote, when they send you your sample ballot in October, it will say on it where your local polling place is.

Where do you vote? If you’re registered in the Chicago area, this site lets you input your address and tells you where to vote in suburban Cook County. Since it appears that you are in the city of Chicago, here is a phone number to call.

BOR: my guess is that that is Board of Review. May want to investigate that, though.

What do the numbers mean? They say which district you are in for different things. Here is a website where soon you will be able to find out which candidates are running.

Precinct 026: It simply says you vote in precinct 026. Are there any elections for precinct? I don’t know.

Ward 33: Here are the aldermen for the City of Chicago. It looks like your alderman is Richard Mell.

Cong 04: You’re in the 4th Congressional district, and your elected representative in the House of Representatives is Luis Gutierrez.

St. Leg 20: 20th state legislature district, your state senator is Iris Martinez.

St. Rep 40: 40th state representative district, your state representative is Richard Bradley.

Judicial 06: I had a hard time finding that. I’m sure it can be dug up somewhere.

Cnty Brd 08: 8th district Board of Commissioners, your commissioner is Roberto Maldonado.

Happy voting!