What do these three movies have in common?

Cool Hand Luke
The Eiger Sanction
Citizen Kane
The Long Hot Summer
The Third Man
Elmer Gantry
Guys and Dolls
The Big Country
Sorry Wrong Number
Dial M For Murder
The Jerk

George Kennedy

Burt Lancaster

Jean Simmons

Right so far!

Add some of your own. Please.

Without peeking at IMDb for #2, I’m going to guess Joseph Cotten.

Then you’d miss the bigger connection. I think Joe missed TLHS.

So we can’t use IMDB? Heck!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Die Hard

Big Trouble in Little China

Then it’s gotta be Orson Welles. That seemed too easy.

I don’t know how we could prevent the use of IMDB, but it ought to be more fun if we don’t use it. In your three, the only one I’ve seen is Die Hard and I haven’t a clue unless it’s a minor character or something other than a human being.

BTW, people, that fifth batch in the OP is some dirty pool. :smiley:

Bingo! Easy can be misleading, eh?

A phone book?

Ain’t that nasty? Actually was thinking more phone with the oblique reference in The Jerk. But I guess yours is even more oblique. Anyway, that’s the idea.

I’m obliquer? :wink:

Mine is a minor character, who’s usually recognized as a familiar THAT GUY!

Thanks for the clue! But I’ll avoid IMDB and hope other players can profit from the clue. Mine would be a pure guess.

Here’s a fresh batch:

Baby Doll
The Godfather, Part III
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Zorba the Greek
Lawrence of Arabia
Viva Zapata
The Big Country
The Greatest Show on Earth
Omega Man
The Hot Spot
A Boy And His Dog
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
America Graffiti
The Conversation
Apocalypse Now

For the first set it’s Anthony Quinn. For the second it’s Charlton Heston.


Harrison Ford


A game, a game, I see a game! (Off to The Game Room.)