What do they call Egyptian mummies in the UK?

“Mummy” means “Mother” in the UK, or at least England, correct? So what do you guys call embalmed corpses?


They call them mummies, unless I’m sorely mistaken. I mean, I’ve heard mummy used to mean mom in Canada, too, and we still use the word. Along with all the jokes it lends itself to.

Yes, Speaker for the Dead is correct. Mummy is a childish/antiquated/upper class (that is to say someone who says mummy is either a oung child, upper class or antiquated)way of saying mother in the UK and also an ebalmed corpse.

Q: Why were ancient Egyptian children confused ?
A: Because their daddies were mummies !


Hell, I’m Pittsburgh born and bred, but I always called my mother “Mummy” when I was little.

Agreed with other UK posters. We’re well aware of the pun involving “mummies” = “mothers” (and there are associated jokes) but mummified corpses are still called “mummies”. Bear in mind that a mummy is not just an embalmed corpse, but one that has become preserved by intentional or natural drying.

What to young US children call their mother? I thought it would have been mummy as well (or mommy).

Egyptians call mummies in the UK stolen property.

Most say Mommy, but, for some reason I called my mother Mummy.

With that name he’d better be correct on this topic :wink:

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