What do u know about flat screen monitors?

Im gonna buy one but know little… I want one that’ll be as good as my unflat monitor for gaming and stuffs.

What about this one?

AH! Bollocks to you all! I got this one:


My personal opinion is to go for a CRT, they might be bigger, but when you compare them to a TFT of similar price the CRT will win hands down every time.

For an excellent CRT, I don’t think you can go wrong with Philips, as my monitor I’ve had for the past year is far ahead of anything else I’ve used previously.

Here’s the model I have, which I think roughly works out to a similar price to the one you linked.

Philips 109B5

Too late. it’s on it’s way. I wanna save space and the one i ordered is supposed to be as close to CRT performance as you can get.

The biggest thing to worry about when it comes to LCD monitors and gaming is the response time - an LCD with a high response time will end up ghosting. The LCD monitor you linked too has a response time of 25 ms, which comes out to 40fps max - this isn’t too bad, but if any game you play gets more than 40fps, you will see ghosting. Better LCD’s for gaming will have response times in the range of 16ms or so.

mine’s got a response time of 12ms :smiley:

is this alright for a gforce 6800 grfx card

core speed 350mhz
RAMDAC Clock Speed 400mhz
memory speed 1Ghz



Is that card a Geforce 6800 regular or a Geforce 6800 GT? From the looks of the clock speed and memory speed, it is probably a 6800GT, in which case 260 pounds would be an okay price. Currently the exchange rate is about 1.8 dollars to the pound, so the cost of the card would be $468. Now, normally 6800 GTs run about $400 here in the states, but I know electronics tend to be more expensive on your side of the pond, and then you have that whole VAT thing to deal with, which is higher than US sales taxes (and even then, many people here can avoid the sales tax entirely by purchasing stuff online.)

The main difference between the regular 6800 & the 6800 GT is that the GT model has 16 pixel pipelines, while the 6800 has only 12. The 6800 GT is one hell of a card, in many cases twice as fast as the previous top cards like the Radeon 9800 XT or GeforceFX 5950 Ultra.