What Do We Call a Male Ballerina?

Is there a word for a male “ballerina”, other than a “dancer”?

  • Jinx


Not surprisingly, from the French word for “dance”

      • No, because then a female danseur would be a dansette…

Etymology of ballerina: >fem. of ballerino, dancer
(A word apparently not used since the 18th century)

(And no wonder. A ballet-rhino?)

No, a “dansette” if there was such a word would be a small dance. Think cigarette -> small cigare.

Masculine words that end in “-eur” become “-euse” in the feminine. Masseur -> masseuse, danseur -> danseuse.

But of course, maybe I’ve just been whooshed and you knew that all allong.


A homosexual?

…and I’m the first to think this?

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