What do you call someone from Niger?

I know people from Nigeria and they are called Nigerians. So what would you call someone from Niger? It seems like Nigerian would also fit them. But they obviously can’t be called the same thing as they aren’t.

Nigerois (nee-zher-wah)

You figure out what city or region they’re from in Niger, and call them that.

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Nigeran (notice lack of i)

So what do you call people from the Dominican Replublic and from Dominica.


Here’s a radical thought: Call them by their given name!!

Sincerely, SDStaff hopeful

The World Factbook ( http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/ng.html ) gives the word for someone from Niger as Nigerien.

According to the U.N., somewhat of an authority in these matters, there doesn’t seem to be any corresponding name or adjective and the proper designation is “of the Niger”.

As for Dominica and the Dominican Republic: “of Dominica” and “Dominican”, respectively.

People from West Africa tend to identify with pre-colonial national affiliations first, and modern state second. Thus Yoruba, Mande, Fulani, etc. depending on how they identify, or the like is more applicable than any other designation…

But as the whole region was French-ruled for quite a while, I would imagine that Nigerois or Nigerien would be close to it. But the best thing to do is to ASK someone from the area. They may not have any term at all, and just because you want one doesn’t mean one necessarily exists.

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In re omniscientnot’s response “Dominican”: Wouldn’t that be more apt to be taken as referring to the Dominican Order of the RC Church?


Mirriam-Webster says the correct word is ‘Nigerois’

Mark, Im going out on a limb here & ask you why you want to know this? Do you have a friend there? Are you writing a paper? Are you trying to get us to say something we find socially not acceptable?

At any rate, I noticed you didn’t post any follow up messages, so I think you should clarify for us ASAP.

Actually until you brougt it up it never dawned on me. Being a memeber of a minority group (no I’m not black) I don’t think like that.

As for not posting a follow up, I was satisfied with Nigeran or Nigerien.

Kind of like Canadian or Canadien.

That’s probably more to the point, Jayron. The colonial boundaries demilimted by France, England, and the other colonial powers disregarded the undefined but very real boundaries set by the pre-colonial ethnic groups in Africa. (Compare Cecil’s discussion of the Neutral Zones on the Arabian Peninsula, in * Return of the Straight Dope. *) The colonial boundarieis put some hostile ethnic groups in one country, as in the Congo, and split others between two or more countries, like the Hausa between Niger and Nigeria.
Isn’t this back where they started with this topic?