What do you call the cargo container on a truck?

The Wikipedia entry on parts of a truck lists only cab, engine, drivetrain, and frame. How do people refer the container section? Are there differnt terms depending on size, whether it’s detachable, etc?

Semi-trailer. No front axle, supported by the tractor.(Cab, engine)
A full trailer is typically used for the second trailer of a double.

It is detachable, no names for sizes but for what special cargo it might be designed for.

There’s the ordinary box type, flatbed, refrigerated, tank, etc.

area for placing cargo or equipment

if it is detachable it is trailers or semi-trailers of various types

if attached it is the backend, cargo area, cargo box, bed, tank or area for placing cargo or equipment

The name depends on the design, size, and function. There are too many to list, because specialized industries that have a small number of a certain type will have a name not generally known outside that industry.

If you’re talking about the kind that comes off and gets loaded on a ship, it’s called – get this – the container. Or the box. They come in many sizes and types. The most common are 20-foot standard (also called DV for Dry Van), 40’ DV, 40’ HC (high cube). There are also 45’ HCs. Then you have your reefers (refrigerated), your open tops (OTs) and other exotic types.

Piggy backs.

I think.

My first ex husband was a truck driver. And I think that’s what he called them but it was a long time ago (the marriage).

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A piggyback is a railroad flatcar carrying a traditional, wheeled semi trailer, FWIW. Not to be confused with the various types of container carriers.

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In general, standard intermodal or multimode shipping container are referred to as “CONEX” (container express) containers. There is a set of ISO standards which govern the size, construction, and interfaces of CONEX containers. There are a few other types of shipping containers, like RACE or the weird collection of East Bloc intermodal container forms that disappeared overnight after the Soviet Union collapsed.

Non-removable containers on trailers are referred to internally by manufactures by different nomenclature; container, enclosure, wagon, et cetera, and the trailer itself is called a trailer, strongback, bogie, pull rig, and probably other things.


Maybe I’m mis-interpreting your post, but MLS is correct, people generally just call them “containers”.

On the back of a straight truck (not a tractor trailor) it’s called a van body or box. Manufactures order the truck chassis and mount their own body. Usually has some custom characteristics like a high cube, soft sided body (canvas), utility body with tool boxes, refrigerated body, or other speciality.

I agree to all of one. It’s a straight truck that can carry heavy loads and vehicles. They’re most used my trucking company and hauling company for their heavy hauling jobs.


I’ve always heard them called “sea-cans”.

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