What do you call the type of website that requires a login?

What is the generic name for websites that require a login in order to view certain pages? Secure websites? I am trying to find documentation on creating an angular js site which links to a resful API which includes a login. Most of the examples are for CRUD apps where all the content is public.


Secure website or Authenticated website…

One would say that the web site has a paywall if it tries to limit access to paid subscribers.

I am trying to find examples that are similar to a banking application, where one must log in in order to access his account details.

Authenticated is probably about the closest you’ll get to a generic term. or Maybe Account Controlled, or something.

‘Secure’ doesn’t necessarily imply that there will be any login process for anything and login processes can be implemented across non-secure protocols.

closed might also be a term used.

I’ve seen some blogs and posting boards describe themselves as “members only” to indicate that you can’t read the content without logging in as a user.

If it’s something like a banking application then Authorized Only seems like a better choice, since it implies security.

For what it’s worth, I’d stay away from using the term “secure” in this context. A login doesn’t necessarily mean a website is secure - you’d use SSL and other back-end measures to provide real security. (I remember the days when some PERL-based CGI scripts would use a plain text file to store all the passwords. Sometimes amateur webmasters would mess up the permissions, thereby making this file/directory viewable to the public. :smack: )

How about “login required”?

Authentication. Does this page help at all? Googling angular js authentication brings up a lot of other hits as well.

It’s called a pain in the ass website.

The “programmer” terms for what you’re asking are either authentication, or authorization, depending on what you are doing.

See security - Authentication versus Authorization - Stack Overflow