What do you call this insect?

One of these guys (WARNING: close-up picture of insects, if you dislike that sort of thing), but your local variety may vary depending on where you are in the world.

You know, the little dark gray oval guys that roll up into a ball when you mess with them.

These are generally recognized as “woodlice” but there are hundreds of different species, and almost everyone has a different name for them; what do you call them?

A poll may be forthcoming.

I call them terrestrial isopods.

They are not insects.

I used to call them pill bugs, but now I like calling them roly-polies because I think it’s a cute name. I don’t think the bugs are that cute. I just like that name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pill bugs and sow bugs are the names I have heard for them. I’m in the USA.

Potato bug or roly-poly.

I know, it’s just the simplest description that everyone will understand.

Pill bug or potato bug.

Roly-poly. I am from Louisiana and that is all we ever called them.

Rollie-pollies of course! That’s the only name cute enough for them! I love those little guys so much. They’re so darn adorable.

Edit: And no. They’re not potato bugs. Potato bugs are monstrosities of nature that should be eradicated from this planet. Click at your own risk.

Well, yeah, they are.. I know what you mean, but usage frequently varies from phylogeny.
When I was a kid, I thought they were millipedes. I think the first thing I ever read about them they were called ‘pill bugs.’ It was a surprise when I found out as an adult they were crustaceans.

Ontario, Canada and I’ve always called them potato bugs.

I’ve only ever called them (or heard them called) woodlice.

I am aware that there are regional names for them here in the UK, but I’ve never actually heard these names used.

Dillo Beetles.


I called them pill bugs, and called something else wood lice/louse, though I’m guessing they’re related.

This is what I called wood lice. Like a pill bug/rolly polly but “flat” and I don’t recall ever seeing it really “roll up.”

More than one name, but ones that do appear on your list: Roly-poly or pill bug. I grew up in the South, Midwest, and Northeast, so there could be more than one regional influence at work.

Edit: and a doodle-bug is an ant lion, is it not?

I dunno. I made the list from some of the first responses here and whatever I found in the first few Google results. Many of those are what Mental Floss says people in England, Canada, and Australia call them, and I can only take their word for it.

The only names I’ve ever heard for them are pill bug and roly-poly.

Roly-poly or pill-bug

Totally a cheeselog.