what do you collect

Horse statues. I have close to 500 from less than an inch tall to the 2 concrete ones in the yard that are about 3 feet tall.

Meerkats-I have about 40.

Dog statues, about 150.

Wind-up toys. They don’t need batteries!

My collection is mostly cheap plastic white-knob windups, but I have a few nice clockwork ones. My best one is a 9 inch tall tin & clockwork Bender (from the Futurama animated series).

PEZ dispensers.

In 1994, my wife (then girlfriend) gave me a Mickey Mouse, then I got her a Donald Duck in return. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me anymore, it began to snowball from there.
I haven’t counted them lately, but it’s probably getting close to about 500.

Kitsch from our travels

Cookbooks and antique/vintage barware. I used to collect Depression glass and lusterware, but moving a few jillion times made that a PITA. Also, I don’t really collect coins, but I notice them and hoard the old/interesting ones.

At one time I had a fairly large collection of vintage beer/drink trays, but that’s all gone.

I’ve still got a collection of vintage snapshot cameras, but they’re all in boxes and I haven’t actively pursued that for years.

Lastly, I’ve a box full of 1/64 die-cast NASCAR racers that I’ve ended up picking up here and there, on the silly premise that on my retirement I’ll sell them on for vast amounts of money to fund a lifestyle of beachcombing and booze. Well, not really.

Obituaries! I started clipping interesting celebrity obits from *Time *and *The Phila. Bulletin *when I was eight (I can tell because of the year), and since then have amassed a four-drawer filing cabinet full. I also write obits as part of my job, so they come in very handy.

Let’s see…

DVDs and Blu-Rays
Toy lightsabers (all lovingly played with by me)
MacFarlane Sports figures – basketball, baseball, hockey, and one football guy
Various and sundry Star Trek toys and models
My wife and I have begun to collect fridge magnets from all the places we visit on vacation
Baseball, hockey, and basketball cards (although I haven’t really been collecting these much over the last few years)
Baseball caps and jerseys
Movie posters

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, but there’s probably one or two more things on the list.

American money. I try to collect as much as possible. I’m almost up to a million.

Got them too :wink:

Anything TP related

I [del]hoard[/del] collect travel ephemera, mostly from the west and southwest. Brochures, postcards, stereographic cards, promotional booklets, maps and trail guides, magnets, kitschy souvenirs, etc.

Serving pieces: crystal, stoneware, stainless steel

I used to collect Murano art glass, but I have no room to display anything, so they remain boxed up in the basement. I also used to haunt antique stores for old hair pins, but I cut my hair off, so they’re useless.

Now I like to find old church cookbooks, I have maybe 70 or so from the Midwest. My favorite is from a Ukranian Church, dated 1947. It has great recipes and little notes from the previous owners, giving me a glimpse into their lives.

Dia De los Muerta art
Sock monkeys
Some Tiki stuff
Vespa Scooter detritus
Any shiny ephemera that catches my eye

Shot glasses. I have hundreds, but they’re mostly packed up right now.

I collect Christmas ornaments from all the places I visit. That way, every year when my husband and I decorate the tree, it’s a little walk through the memories.

Keys and keychains.

Photographs of lost gloves

Restraining orders.

Musical instruments (mostly different kinds of flutes).

I’m not sure my library counts as “collecting”, but I do have a lot of books.