what do you collect

i have collected

tin boxes
those little stickers on food

any collectors here??

Turtle figurines. Sea turtles, preferably, but I’ll collect almost any turtle I find.


And bees.

i was just going to ask …what about bees ??

good timing bees~

Used to collect vintage Pyrex - man that was fun! Whittled down my collection to things I actually USE. (Pyrex lasts FOREVER, yo!)

I’m a knitter, so I have a huge yarn stash.

Damn you! I wanted to say that.;):stuck_out_tongue:

Does pr0n count?
If not, then: 1-euro-coins (not really collecting, just hoarding) and Star Wars MicroMachines. And stamps, when I was a kid.

nothing actively right now. In the past I have collected pewter figurines with crystals attached from the Tudor Mint called Myth & Magic. I am glad I was collecting them because I liked the figurines, their value has not appreciated if ebay is any judge.

Shot glasses from every airport I go through.


Zippo lighters that are engraved with the Harley Davidson ‘bar and shield’ logo.

Mechanical adding machines

Antique barometer/thermometers

Books by Terry Pratchett. I used to collect other authors as well, but once I got an e-reader I decided to stop filling my house with books.

Coffee mugs from my travels and pin up art. I haven’t added anything to either collection for a few years though.

I never even thought about books! Yep I collect books, SF&F mainly. I too have made the kindle leap. Roll on tomorrow, when Pterry’s next offering, Snuff, is released.

I collect Hard Rock Cafe “Hurricane” glasses but I have to actually go there and drink the Hurricane myself. As in, I don’t want one that someone has brought me. So far I have 25. My husband and I actually plan our trips around getting to the Hard Rock Cafes in the area.

I knit and quilt. I wouldn’t say I collect yarn and fabric, but it does tend to accumulate.

I guess I’m in the process of collecting the entire run of Agatha Christie Mysteries books; they have a navy blue faux-leather binding with gold stamped spines. I’ve got 85 of the total 88, I think.

I also keep all the variations of US coins that have been coming out in the last 15 years.

I used to collect blue and white transferware. Then I got over that whole mess. Now I have a crapload of blue and white transferware that doesn’t go with my new life.

When I was 15, my mom was a bartender, so I collected booze bottles. We moved across the country and I was not allowed to bring them with me, so I don’t collect things anymore.

My mom started collecting elephants when she was young. She regretted it though, since almost every gift she ever got had something to do with them.

I collect spores, molds, and fungus.