What do you do for Saint Patrick's Day?

I’m working now with a bunch of Irishmen (from Dublin, the one in Europe, not one of the dozen US ones). They say the thing to do is have chair races at 10:00, using everyone’s swivel chairs in the loading dock area. (Sounds to me like we’ll have a lot of employees with skinned knees and faces.)

Then the Pub Crawl at 11:00, where we will go to the local downtown stip of bars and all try to hang together drinking stout as a group until the last one is poured into a cab.

We get paid a full day if we sign in at the first bar.

Gotta love tradition!

First of all, I’m moving wherever YOU are!

Second, I just finished reading a book about the birth of the Navy Seals and at one point the narrator talks about a tour of the Virgin Isles where he and two buddies did the following:

Took green food coloring and completely dyed their bodies, including hair, green. Dressed up in white togas with turbans and went bar hopping as the Three Wiseguys, Bologna, Salami and Cheese. At one point, while in one of the bars, they saw a lady who was rather good looking and one guy walked up and asked “Have you ever seend an Irish Sausage?” When she said no, he whipped out the ol’ green salami and slapped it on her table.

Funniest mental image I’ve had in quite some time.

What I do for St. Patties day is drink as much beer as humanly possible and cook really weird things that my kids refuse to even try :smiley:

I cringe as every pub in my area plaster on the hackneyed stereotypes and load up the stereos with “diddly-diddly” music they bought in bulk from a bargain bin in HMV. The only part I really enjoy is the annual round of Guinness freebies and special offers.

Eskimo Joe’s opens at the obscene hour of 9AM to serve Green Eggs and Ham and green beer. There’s usually live music and they do try to get a band that plays real Irish music if not an Irish folkband. One year we actually had The Chieftains.

OSU’s campus is across the street from Joe’s, so you can imagine how amusing some of the afternoon classes can get.

Let’s see - it’s a Saturday. I’ll be doing laundry. I think my inlaws are coming over to borrow our trailer. If it’s sunny, we may go out on the boat for the afternoon.

Why do you ask?


Last year we went to a friends house in Southie (South Boston, a predominantly Irish neighborhood). Drank until we ran out of alchohol and then ran thru the streets looking for a bar to pick up where we left off.

I just wear an orange ribbon at my collar.

[sub]ok, I wear a green one, too. Put the guns away.[/sub]

Drink green beer and stay far, far away from the St. Paddy’s day parade.

We wear cheesy green hats all day, and we used to watch Tyrone Power’s ‘Luck of the Irish’ till Mom used the rewinder to rewind the movie, and it got eaten instead! Rats!!

Hey, mbh, I’ve done something similar to what you mentioned, just to tweak the sensibilities of a friend. I baked him a nice two-layer cake and frosted it bright green. But when he cut into it I had tinted the white cake a very vivid orange!(He ate it anyway, he wasn’t so fanatic that he would turn down sweets) and I always sned him and his family a Card with the worst possible pun I can find.

I’ve got a PBS auction.

I just take out my “Kiss me, I’m so drunk I think I’m Irish!” pin and drink myself silly with my friends. One of the few days I will get shitfaced, blotto, drunk, tipsy, whathaveyou.
The other’s being my birthday and New Year’s Eve.
Eitherwise I just drink enough to get buzzed.

Beer,beer,beer, beer, Beer,beer,beer, beer, loverly bee-eer
Although hopefully not like last year, when I’m told I fell
down twice and woke up fully dressed in bed at 0300.
Don’t remember anything after the fifth Irish Car Bomb (Guinness with a shot of either Jamesons or Bushmills dropped in, though the faint-of heart might prefer it with Harp or Caffrey’s if you drink Ulster rubbish).
Not to be confused with the “other” ICB-which is Guinness, Jameson’s and…Irish Cream. It curdles. It’s disgusting.

I knew there’d be a St. Pat’s thread.

Here’s to all the Irish amongst us, and the Wearin’ Of The Green!

Isn’t St Patrick’s Day just an excuse for drinking? If so, I will be doing my usual. i.e. nothing.

This is also how I spent my birthday, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Sheffield Wednesday.

I celebrated 13 years of sobriety on March 1st (I would have started a thread on it, but it didn’t even occur to me). I also work on Saturday.

Anyway, I will have a cup of 7-eleven Irish Creme coffee with Irish Creme creamer in it during my morning walk. At night, I will eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Entangled Mints ice cream, washed down with a cup of mint cocoa whilst listening to all my CDS from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest show “The Beautiful Game” about a group of Irish soceer players. This is a astonishing good score, and hopefully next year there will be an Irish cast CD to listen to.

I think I’ll make colcannon for dinner. With a bottle or two of Guinness and perhaps a dram of Bushmill’s afterward.

The Fifth Avenue parade is a definite thing to avoid, even with Mayor Duce’s storm troopers keeping the amateur drunks at bay, but the little parade through Brooklyn (up Prospect Park West to the Grand Army Plaza) is cheerful and family-friendly. Maybe we’ll toddle up the block and watch that.

On this, my first St. Patty’s day as a non-Irish person, I plan to drink a guinness and eat a bagel.

Erin Go Braless!
Mazel Tov!


I usually wear my favorite color, which is green.
Then I try to go see the parade, but decide not to becasue it is NEVER warm enough in Ohio on that day for me to do so.
Maybe my memory is off, but its Always cold that day.
Twas 55 a few days ago. Now its 35. Cooler tomorrow!

We always tell my kids leprechauns visit and do mischief. Turn furniture upside down, switch pictures and things around from room to room, etc. while they are asleep. Oh yeah, a couple of drops of green dye in the toilet – tell them the little men didn’t flush after relieving themselves. Kids are never to young to get started on good clean toilet humor.

One of the great things about being atheist - you can jump on any excuse to make up stories and fuck with your kids’ mids. Our house is visited by Santa, the easter bunny, cupid, leprechauns – any excuse to goof around, give our kids presents, and buy seasonal candy.

Oh yeah, the fridge is quite stocked with Guiness and Harp.

My 2 girls are quite into the Irish dancing thing. I’m not sure how many parades, exhibitions, etc., they will be doing tomorrow.