What do you do (IRL) that probably causes people to start Pit threads?

I don’t return grocery carts if I have my kids with me. I used to ALWAYS take the cart back, despite the fact that the corrals always seem to be all right together on the other side of the parking lot from me. Didn’t faze me.

Last September a woman here in Houston had her baby kidnapped by some random woman while she was taking the grocery cart back. She got her baby back safe and sound, but, how scary!! Now I am way too nervous, even if I leave the kids with all the doors locked, unless the corral is right there by me. I do try to put the cart someplace unobtrusive, though.

What do you do that probably annoys the heck out of people?

(PS, right around the time that happened, I had a couple of people approach me in grocery parking lots and offer to return my cart so I didn’t have to leave my kids alone. So I know at leaset some other people are as paranoid as I am.)

I have a compulsion to repeat what I’ve just said. I know it’s annoying! I’m much more coherent in my head. I also tend to laugh at my own jokes, but hell I’m hysterical so I’m sure no one minds. (;

I drive like a lunatic, mostly on my way too and from work, when I am alone in the car. I speed, tailgate, switch lanes abruptly. But then, so does everyone in Boston.

Cessandra , FWIW I don’t think you are being excessively paranoid. I don’t leave the Little Lagomorph alone in the car if the cart corral isn’t right there.

I also drive aggressively. And I know that people get pissed off about it. I can’t help it if you are blocking the freaking lane and there is empty road ahead of you, I am going to whip around you. You shouldn’t allow me to get in your blindspot.

But I do drive safely. BTW, “safely” isn’t the same thing as passively.

I sometimes drive slower than people would like in the fast lane (I hate being behind trucks–however, I also drive fairly fast, so I’ve only been addressed once).

I guess people get angry at me for forgetting things. On tuesday I was at my parents for a holiday and my mother politely asked me if I would like to peel wallpaper. I said I would be happy to, and I really did mean it. It just so happened, that I started to make supper for everyone and by the time I’d finished, it had completely slipped my mind. I do this sort of thing all the time.

It goes without saying that I forget birthdays. Heck, one year I forgot my OWN birthday until my parents called me that night at 10pm. I, unfortunately, haven’t needed to remember Valentines day.

There was a Pit thread recently on people living in apartments & having wind chimes. I live in an apartment and, at the time I read the thread, had wind chimes on my balcony.

I took the chimes down recently because they were annoying me at night, especially during storms. I had them up in the first place because they were really pretty & were from my Mom, one of my birthday presents. Also, I live on an end apartment so I only have two neighbors that might be able to hear it. The guy below me has woken me up more than once, fighting with his girlfriend - my apartment shakes when he slams his front door. The other neighbor (right next to me) has male companions visiting nearly every night, always at 10:00 pm or later - and on week nights when I’m trying to sleep and have work the next morning. Sometimes her visitors arrive and leave well after midnight, always standing on the shared balcony to chat and stomping loudly up & down our shared stairs.

So, I considered all of these things while reading that Pit thread, and left my wind chimes up until they bothered me.

I shoot guns. A lot.

I repeat myself. If I tell you a story, especially if I think it’s a good one, chances are you will hear it again. Drives my teens crazy !! Oh well, that’s probably their payback for being annoyingly teenagerish !

Breathing. Existing. Just muddling along.

I also drive extremely aggressively when alone. I’ve been pulled over numerous times and only ever been ticketed once.

(I suspect they keep letting me off because I do not look the part of an aggressive driver. My looks don’t match my personality at all. My old man says I look like a sweet-faced librarian. With big boobs. Hmmm, maybe it’s just the boobs, then, dunno. :wink: )

I get the finger regularly from my fellow motorists. I’m sure some of them would like to drag my ass into the Pit.

I smoke.
I have children. (Though do not drone on and on about them.)
I have older cars.
I drive soemtimes too fast, others too slow.
I’m just odd enough to make you wonder.
And plenty more I’m sure.

My driving I’m sure annoys people at times, I’m sure their are plenty more where that came from.

I have the same problem as mayberrydan, I completely forget things. I forget birthdays, I forget agreeing to meet people at certain times, I promised to give a coworker a hamster cage last week, and haven’t remembered yet. I used to forget when assignments were due, I once missed a university midterm because I totally forgot about it. I forget people’s names often, I think that annoys people. I am not sure how old my younger brother or sister actually is.

It’s not that I don’t care. It’s…actually I’m not sure why I have such a tough time remebering things while other people don’t.

When I argue with someone, I slip into questioning mode like I am at work (attorney). This bugs the FUCK out of anyone I am dating.

Lately, I hate making plans and won’t agree to go out unless it is a fairly spontaneous decision. I delay telling people if I’ll go until almost right at the moment to leave. I suppose I do this because I hate saying that I’ll go and then wishing that I had never said anything because then I want to stay home.

Well, the girl I’m seeing probably wants to kill me because I won’t commit to anything more than …well, more than nothing. :smiley:


I’m sure I’ve pissed off customers, particularly during the text book rush at the start of the semester. Some of it’s just store policy (Sorry, but the last day to return books for a full refund is the twelfth day of class, and making your damn story longer isn’t going to convince me to risk my job), some of it’s just the result of having eighty things to do at once, some of it’s just due to customer temperament.

I’m guilty of annoying driving, too, but in the other direction—I’m WAY too cautious. I have pissed off many a more aggressive Boston driver by my reluctance to just take the damn left-hand turn.

Aren’t you Eddie the Echo in those tv commercials for McDonald’s?


I can never mind my mind up when asked questions. Most of the time it’s because I don’t care, eg. not fussy about what I want for tea, but sometimes it’s just because I am so indecisive.

I also seem to kill threads