What do you do on your lunch break?

Because I’m coming to see you. :slight_smile: No, just idle curiosity…

I get an hour for lunch. My husband and I work in the same building and it’s close to home, so we drive to the house, fix some sandwiches and coffee, and watch some TV (usually Who Wants To Be A Millionaire). Also feed the dog and the cat.

What about you?

I walk to the kitchen, grab something simple to eat, and go back to slaving over a hot button all day.

I try to take 30 minutes between various patient emergencies and other demands on my time. So I go to a windowless breakroom in the heart of a maximum security facility and eat yogurt, sandwich and fruit as I read professional journals or harangue my minions.

I grab some food from the cafeteria and eat at my desk while perusing the internets, usually. I do that for 20 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the day - I’m salaried, so I don’t have a fixed “lunch hour”. If it’s nice out I’ll sit outside and get some vitamin D therapy for a bit.

I don’t take one. I bring my lunch, and eat it off and on throughout the day.

I’m required to sign in and out 8.5 hours apart, which includes 30 min for lunch.

Generally, I take myself off to a location that is not my office for the duration of my hour - mostly I go grab a sandwich (because I like tuna sandwiches, but do not like them soggy, which is what they are if they sit in a lunch bag for 5 or 6 hours - and the whole bringing enough random crap to build a tuna sandwich on-site is a giant pain in the butt to save me three dollars).

I have learned through bitter and repeated experience that if I do not physically leave my office building, I will not get a lunch break at all. What I will get is interrupted every two to three minutes with “Oh, are you on your lunch? Would you mind doing this real quick? Then you can go back to lunch!” This happens even if I am not at my desk, but am instead in, for example, the breakroom (not that my current office possesses such an amenity - we have a refrigerator that shares a room with the main printer/copier for the office). No, it does not matter that I take my lunch at the same time every single day - the interruptions inevitably start at around 12:10 - just long enough for me to extract lunch from a bag, get settled, and open my book. I have noted that these “emergency” tasks can always seem to wait if my attorneys can’t physically locate me to ask me - they never, ever ask any of the other assistants to do it (which they damn well would if it were a real emergency). Accordingly, I have learned it’s best if I just make myself scarce for that hour.

Depends. :slight_smile: “Lunch break” can be any time between about 8am and 10pm. Mostly I try to work civilized hours so for me it’s most commonly between 10am and 3pm, plus/minus of a couple hours of time zone difference between body time & local time.

Sometimes I’m on the ground in the airport terminal with less than 45 loose minutes. Then I grab a $10 overpriced sandwich or cobb salad or such from whichever prefab sandwich vendor is closest. Sometimes I’ve got 60 or more minutes and will find a quiet sit-down restaurant for a $30 overpriced meal. Over time you learn where all the better options are at all the various airports.

Sometimes I’m in the air & we get whatever meal they’re serving in first class while enjoying the fine view of the slowly rotating planet below. While our pleasant mealtime conversation is being interrupted every few seconds by the damn radio chatter. The worst is when the turbulence puts whitecaps in the martinis. :slight_smile: Sometimes I’m in the air and am finally getting a chance to eat the aforementioned $10 overpriced sandwich I bought 2 hours (and used to be 2 airports!) ago.

Back when I had an office job I always went out to eat. Usually deli-style or sit-down, never fast food. Getting away from the crazy for an hour was by far the best part of those days.

I try to go out and do something every day. I refuse to sit in the same place day after day.

Tuesdays are reserved for weekly allergy shots, so those are pretty much booked. But most days I have some errands to run. If I don’t have errands to run I’ll at least go to a pleasant shop or walk in the park, or something.

I eat lunch at 12 pm every day, and then I go out at 1 pm.

My lunch break abuts my conference period, so it is usually spent talking to students, grading papers, prepping assignments, and all that junk. I don’t eat lunch as a rule, so food is right out. My classroom is also the hang-out place for all sorts of miscreants and reprobates, like the debate team.

I go get fast food, bring it back to my office, and eat at my desk while 'doping.

I bring our three dogs and one bird to work with me. In clement weather I sometimes throw tennis balls. During winter I let the dogs out for a quick pee. At some point I look over what everyone else is eating and collect the bird tax (a bit of everyone’s lunch goes to Rocco; it’s a rule I made up).

I keep on of those big books of 1000 NY Times Sunday crosswords on my desk and do one while eating lunch each day.

Surf the web and eat at my desk.

Sit at my desk, read a book and eat lunch. I don’t have a set lunch time/duration, so I usually only take 30 minutes, so I can get enough work done to leave at a reasonable time.

So which of those activities is the euphemism?

When the weather is nice, which is 90% of the time, I walk on the nature trail that surrounds the lake in the middle of the complex where our offices are. It’s one of my favorite perks about working here. On those days I’ll bring a sandwich or something I can easily eat while I’m working so as to allow myself the half hour or so it takes to walk the trail. When the weather is shite, like it has been the last several days, I eat at my desk and read the paper or whatever book I’m working on. And yes, buttheads will keep trying to talk to me so now I put a sign on my desk that has a picture of Grumpy Cat and says “NO. Out to Lunch.”

Almost exactly this! Creepy! Minus the dog and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

Wife works in the same building, we carpool home for sammridges, we watch the noon CBC news.

We have the good fortune of working less than 10 mins away from home, and no one is standing over our desks if we take an extra min or two.

Ha ha! It’s been a few years since we euphemismed at lunchtime. :slight_smile:

Ain’t it great? We’re still not having as much fun as kayaker, though.

I work from home. When I get hungry at some point I go to the kitchen and fix a sandwich, then sit and read a magazine (either WIRED or Rolling Stone) until I am done eating. Then I return to the office room.

Half hour. I bring my lunch (usually a turkey wrap with spinach, pretzels and a bag of carrots) and read a book in the break room.

Facebook reminded me that on this date a few years ago, there was snow.:smiley:

On extreme snow days my entire work day turns into a long lunch.