what do you do with your towel after you shower?

I’m having a recurring problem - where to stick the towel after a shower. I’ve always favored hanging it over the shower curtain rod, but that means I have to bunch up the shower curtain, which gets moldy and mildewy over time due to being bunched up while still wet.

Yet, putting the towel on the rack isn’t the answer, because it has to be bunched up in some form, which makes the towel nasty (the shower curtain effect).

What do you do?

I fold my towel in half the long way and put it back on the towel rod so it can dry out.

My wife and kids, however, wad the towels up and stuff them behind the towel rod so they don’t dry out. Or they drop them on the floor, also with the not drying out.

I hang it over the back of my chair so it dries out during the day, then when I get home, I put it back on the towel rack in the bathroom.

To get around the damp/grunge factor, may I suggest that you get a couple of coat hooks from the hardware section at your grocery store and screw them into the back of the bathroom door? Then hang up your damp towels on the door.

We have the handy hooks. One near the front (?) of the shower/tub- the end with the faucet, and one near the back- on the back of the door.

Faeriebeth gets the front hook- for terrycloth robe and towel

Stonebow gets the back hook for his towel.

Strangely enough, we also enter the shower like that- Me from my side, and he from his. Hmmm. Weird.


I drape them over a chair, or the edge of a door, or because I’m so lazy I’ve had the vacuum cleaner sitting out for weeks yet have failed to vacuum, over the vacuum cleaner.

I have the kind of hooks that you hang over the bathroom door, so you don’t even need to install them. It’s like a rack with six hooks. Here’s where I get fancy: a wet towel on one hook bunches up too much to dry out properly. So each towel gets hooked across two hooks, which spreads it out enough for ease in drying.

Mine goes right back on the towel rod where I got it. I’m a bit unclear as to why you think this wouldn’t work…

A couple of steps:

First, after taking my shower, I drape the towel over the wall of the shower.

Then, after an interval of a few minutes (during which I’ve been getting more of my preparations done), I hanges the towel back on the rack.

We have towel rods that are attached to the back of our bathroom door. After showering, the towels get hung over the rod where they dry out just fine. The rods are wide enough that the towel doesn’t need to be folded to fit (although it does scrunch up a little bit).

I have two towels for the shower: hair and body. When I’ve finished drying myself, I hang them on hooks on the towel rail, next to my daughter’s two towels. Sometime later I find one of my towels wadded up damply in the sink, and the other one on the floor to mop up the drips from the shower. Both of the other towels are by this time in a wet heap on the floor of my daughter’s bathroom.

Yes, it is a bit of an issue.

We have two towel bars on the walls, one next to the shower and one above the toilet. They are pretty much at right angles to each other. After use, towels get folded in half and hung neatly from the towel bars. They almost always completely dry by the next use, especially in the winter because the towel bars are right above the floor register.

A damp towel immediately above a toilet? :eek:

Read this, and then enjoy rubbing down after you’ve got all clean and stuff.

I don’t use a towel after I shower. I put on a terrycloth robe instead.

We have glass doors on our shower, and they have a towel rod on the outside door. If the towel is really damp after I use it (like when I use it to dry my hair) ten I hang it, unfolded, over that towel rod so that it airs out well.

If I didn’t wash my hair and thus the towel is not too damp when I’m done, then I fold it once the long way and hang it back on the towel bar on the wall where it came from.

Otherwise my wife gets highly annoyed.

Hell, she gets annoyed if I use the towel rod on the glass door. :rolleyes:

Step 1: Sniff pits, decide some things can be put off no longer.
Step 2: Go in linen closet to get towel. Discover there are none. There are facecloths and hand towels, but no actual good-sized towels.
Step 3: Go in bedroom. Find towel that wife recently used sitting on bed on my side of the bed, thoroughly soaking sheets.
Step 4: Move that towel to her side of the bed. See how she likes it.
Step 5: Search for towel under piles of clothes. Find none.
Step 6: Search for towel in hamper. Find one.
Step 7: Realize that’s the one I’ve been using as a pit rag. Reject idea of drying myself with it.
Step 8: Enter living room. Find 14 towels piled in corner, creating a wonderful cat bed.
Step 9: Gather up towels. Vainly search for one not covered in cat hair.
Step 10: Put actual cat bed where towels were piled (which, of course, will be ignored by said cats).
Step 11: Do laundry – one entire load of nothing but towels.
Step 12: Post crap like this on the Dope while I wait for towels to dry.
Step 13: Remove enough cat hair from the dryer filter to create four new cats.
Step 14: Place ten towels in linen closet and four in my bottom dresser drawer (where the wife will never find them).
Step 15: Bring one remaining towel into bathroom. Take shower.
Step 16: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Step 17: Finish shower. Dry off with fresh, fuzzy, still-slightly-dryer-warm towel. Ahhh…
Step 18: Put on bathrobe.
Step 19: Hang towel across several hooks on back of bathroom door.
Step 20: Get dressed.
Step 21: Go to put on deodorant. Realize I washed pit rag, and now have none.
Step 22: Check wife’s side of bed. Towel has nicely soaked through, and can now be removed.
Step 23: Use towel as new pit rag.
Step 24: Finish dressing.
Step 25: Leave house, slip in driveway, land head-first in mud puddle.
Step 26. Repeat from step 15.

Every towel in our house gets washed after use. The kids throw their used towels on the floor in a variety of places, sometimes in the living room, sometimes on the stairs, sometimes in their rooms, even found a towel or two outside. I usually take mine upstairs to my bedroom where I either get dressed ( if it’s in the am) or get into bed (if it’s in the pm ). Hubby dries off and drops the towel on the bathroom floor.

I have a sliding glass door on my shower with a rack. Two clean towers go on a wall-mounted rack, one clean towel on the shower door. The one on the door gets used and then hung back up on the door to dry. After the second or third use it gets transferred to a hamper. Then I use a towel from the wall-mounted rack and hang it on the door to dry. A new towel is imported from the linen closet to replace the missing one on the wall-mounted rack.

Rinse and repeat, so to speak.

Huh? What do a towel and putting on deodorant have in common?

A towel should be cleaned with bleach after EVERY use.

Oh, please. Perhaps if you were born without an immune system.