What do you get out of the Pit

I usually get a giggle from the pit. I’ve gotten into a few full blown arguments but I decided not to engage in that anymore. It just gets me all steamed up and I find I enjoy the board less. But I love reading other people getting into it. I always pick up a few new sayings!


“Trollpedos,” good coinage.


I would, but I don’t think it would ship particularly well…

Look on-line… I’m sure you can find a place that will mail order a reasonable approximation of your pork products. I was able to buy some authentic NY Egg Creams through UPS, and tons of places ship ribs and stuff. Seek and you shall find!

Personally, I just barely tolerate the stuff. What a lot of people don’t realize is that this “typical Southern cuisine” was food FOR POOR PEOPLE! As in, the Top Raman of a few generations ago!

Fact is, anyone who had money didn’t eat this stuff back in the day, and I really don’t understand the appeal.

Ii have a feeling I’m gonna get yelled at for that…

It’s not what people get out of the Pit… it’s what people put into the Pit.

The Pit was created so that name-calling, insults, jabs and jipes could be kept away from the subject-related Message Boards (like General Questions.) It’s an outlet, to help keep the other Message Boards more or less focused.

Some insults are beautiful, well-crafted words that sing. Most are, of course, not so memorable; we have tons of chaff before we get to the kernels of gold.

And what you sprinkle among us is nothing but gold. Oh! If I were only YOU!


I never figured you for a metaphor-mixer.


{{Really, do you get anything out of posting in the BBQ pit? Ego boost? Catharsis?
How about reading posts in the Pit? It’s rarely clever.}}

I get all the Straight Dope coffee mugs I can eat from reading posts in the Pit.

For the Straight Dope

I just love posts that take a few seconds to sink in. That is truly a riot. Everything betwix the lines.

Dogs love cheese

What did I get out of it today? My ass in hot water! I really pissed someone off that I like. I honestly didn’t mean to. I got so throughly tromped on that I have boot marks on my butt. Probably up my butt too! But I don’t want to get into a butt issue. Again. Ever.