What do you look for when apartment shopping

Going to start apt shopping in a few mths and would like to know what you guys look for. Obviously no bed bugs, nice neighbors, price, location, crime rates, etc but what about:

  1. new apt must have good cell phone reception INSIDE. My current apt is like a black hole for signals. I’ve had to take important calls while standing across the street from my apt in the rain with the sounds of big Harley’s and semi’s driving by. I’ve actually missed calls and texts b/c they weren’t received by my phone until I drove away from the building. Going out into the parking lot doesn’t help either. It’s weird.

  2. I’m tired of dealing with “boiler system” heating and cooling. Every other apt I’ve lived in in this city has this and it sucks. Basically, the heating and AC is controlled by the complex. During the summer the thermostat in your house will only put out cold air no matter how high you set the dial until the complex deems it officially winter and they flip some switch somewhere and you get only heat. The problem comes in that weird seasonal overlap when you have freezing cold nights with nice days or a run of scorchers then a return to winter.

  3. My bathtub does not drain well AT ALL. Takes forever to clean and rinse it, and feels gross to shower while standing in a pool of water that is calf-high. Yuk.

I’m sure there’s more but what about you guys?

Duplicate thread – closing.

Hal Briston - MPSIMS Moderator