'What do you mean she doesn't sing that...?"

Have you ever heard a song, maybe just 3 lines of a song, and you instantly lock onto it thinking, “I know that voice! That must be a new song by her. I didn’t know she did that… wow that’s good too…”.

Cue 2 hours of useless searching only to find it… and its done by somebody else?

Everything fits though… but you were wrong? Well, here’s the place to share.

I’ll start.

I was flipping through the channels and the closing credits of “Pitch Perfect 2” was on. A song was playing and I instantly thought, 'That’s Katy Perry…! Wow, that’s going to be a hit."

I was wrong. The song was “Heartbreak Dream” by Betty Who.
(…and Katy Perry won’t ever sing that song, not even as a request … :frowning: )

Can someone tell me how this relates to the election?

Hillary Clinton has noted that, no, she doesn’t do a rendition of Stand By Your Man.

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Every time I hear Black Horse and a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall, I still think it’s Bonnie Raitt at first. I had heard it probably a half-dozen times before I learned that it wasn’t Bonnie.

1985-Bowling For Soup.
I was sure it was Weird Al.

The Ballad of Jenny Ledge by Toy Matinee sounded and still sounds like Steely Dan. So much so that I almost have to believe it’s intentional. I remember trying to look up the lyrics and not understanding why it was listed on any of their albums :smack: Still a pretty good song though.

For years, I thought this was Annie Lennox:


The first time I heard the opening lines of “One Day in Your Life”, I was sure it was a Karen Carpenter song I’d never heard. Especially the “You’ll come back, and you’ll look around…”.

It was quite a shock when it turned into Michael Jackson half way through.

Apologies for apallingly synched video on YouTube, just shut your eyes and see if you see what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44_qWFAdjqQ

When the Moody Blues’ “Gemini Dream” came out, I was certain it was a new ELO song.


I have all the Steely Dan albums and am a big fan, and that song absolutely sounds like a lost Steely Dan song. Kevin Gilbert, who founded Toy Matinee was a musical genius who dies far too young (and under bizarre circumstances)

I always wondered why they only had the one hit (well, apparently two, but I’ve not heard The Last Plane Out). Just read the Wiki entry; what a shame :frowning:

“Find Another Fool” by Quarterflash sounded a lot like Pat Benatar, who was way more popular at the time.

I remember the Quarterflash song as “Harden my Heart.” When it was new, the local AOR station made sure to always introduce the song, saying it was Quarterflash and not Pat Benatar.

I never thought it sounded like Raitt. To me, it sounds like Joan Osborne.

For 20+ years I thought this song was by Taylor Dayne, who had a bunch of hits around the same time. Just recently found out it was Kathy Troccoli, a Christian singer going for a crossover career like Amy Grant.

“The Door is Always Open” - I was sure it was the Kendalls. Actually Porter Wagoner. But not with Dolly.

The version that was on the radio as a hit, was by Dave and Sugar. Sounded a little like the Kendalls, but, boy is that a whole other thread.

2 different songs. Both sound like Benatar sounded at the time.

I swore back then that Joe Jackson’s “Is she really going out with him” was Rick Springfield. Still sounds like it to me.

More recently, I thought Kelly Clarkson’s “Invincible” was Katy Perry. I’m so, so sorry, Kelly.

I have trouble accepting that this song, Jessie Ware “You & I Forever (SG Lewis Remix),” isn’t a song by The XX.